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  • Simon Says: Why it’s so damn hard to admit being wrong!

    So many of you have been emotional lately over the situation at the border.  Kids separated from their parents will do that to you. It’s a big story that proves there are things in life that shouldn’t get political, and keeping a family together should be on that list. And then, after days of spin, President Trump signed an Executive Order that, for the time being, will keep kids with their parents. President Trump signing that thing was a very […]

  • Simon Says: Why Sports and Politics go together like Mac & Cheese!

    Here we go again. We’re months from the start of the NFL,  and yet we can’t let go of the whole anthem controversy in football. If I hear one more person tell me they want to keep sports and politics separate, I’m gonna’ bite my tongue and think: WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! That’s because no matter how many ways you dissect and slice “Sports and Politics,” you can’t separate these two. Remind anyone who knows about the Olympics. Or Major league […]

  • Simon Says: A marriage proposal: spend on a party or take the money instead?

    I know someone getting goosebumps over Harry and Meghan. Is it just me?  But I’ve been hearing about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for so long now, it feels like they already got married. Most estimates have the wedding tab in the low 40’–that’s millions! Taxpayers are covering security costs. Still, imagine how far the money spent on the wedding would go to help the 130,000 homeless kids in the UK. There’s a hunger all right for anything with these […]

  • Simon Says: I Have the Best Commencement Speech You’ll Never Hear

    Now that we’re in graduation season and someone you know has a diploma, here’s something I don’t think is very smart: famous people giving commencement speeches. Good work if you can get it.   Some people can make six figures for showing up like Katie Couric did in 2006 at O-U. Matthew McConaughey was all right, all right, all right with the fee for speaking at the University of Houston—although he said the money was going to charity. This spring at […]

  • Simon Says: Not Happy the NRA is in Dallas? Are You Brave Enough To Take THIS Advice?

    Help me figure something out here. The NRA Convention is locked and loaded in Dallas. Hundreds of exhibits for people who get excited about guns. It’s, ironically, in the same convention hall where just a few years ago there was something called “Exxxotica.” Hundreds of exhibits for people who get excited about…you know. Here’s the thing. It feels Dallas has a welcome wagon out for the NRA the size of Big Tex. However,  you will probably never see an event […]

  • Simon Says: Why a Racist “Promposal” Should Really Freak You Out!

    The award for biggest bonehead of the week goes to… a high school kid in Florida! “Promposals” are supposed to get attention, but not this kind.   It’s racist, and it’s stupid. I wish the girl said no because slavery and the prom don’t go together. This kid got me thinking. He’s just another example of what feels like an entire generation that doesn’t have a clue. The kids from Parkland may be the exception, but it feels like there’s a lot […]

  • Simon Says: No Bias here! I Figured Out The Best Lesson from Starbucks

    I guess the buck really does stop at Starbucks.   No buck$ for an afternoon in May because thousands of stores are closing, so employees at 8,000 locations get racial-bias training. It’s the kind of training, a now former manager in Philadelphia could’ve used after two guys were arrested for trespassing because they didn’t order anything. I’ve seen people hang out at a Starbucks for so long, I really think they live there. Starbucks is doing a good thing by hitting […]

  • Simon Says: We’re suckers! That’s why ‘Fakebook’ thrived.

    Is it just me, but did Mark Zuckerberg look scared and miserable when he testified before Congress over that data mining scandal? Mr. Facebook goes to Washington was not a classic.  I bet he never expected to be in this kind of seat. Grilled by people much older, and not wiser when it comes to social media. Sitting there was probably worse for him, than sitting in a theatre years ago and watching a movie portray him as a lousy […]

  • Simon Says: Here’s Why You Can’t Hate Just Amazon!   

    Let’s just say President Trump won’t be getting any shipments from Amazon anytime soon. No Trump shirts, books, Chia Pets, or Talkin’ Key Chains are coming to the White House. Because if you haven’t heard, President Trump has declared a Twitter war against Amazon. Maybe it’s just personal because Amazon founder Jeff Bezos also owns the Washington Post, or maybe it really is just about Amazon’s deal it cut with the U.S. Postal Service to ship all that stuff we […]

  • Simon Says: It Feels Like Black Lives Don’t Matter In the Conference Room

    You’ve all probably heard: someone we all know wants to join the club. P. Diddy, once again, made it clear he wants to buy the Carolina Panthers.  Now, we all know green is the color that makes things happen in the NFL—but if Diddy does become an owner, he will walk into a room that’s white.  Because this is what all NFL owners look like. He could become the Rosa Parks of the Owners Box! When it comes to sports—you’ll find plenty […]