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  • Dallas doctors fly to Guatemala to help patients in need

    DALLAS – For several years, Dr. Jorge Corona has volunteered with other surgeons to help save lives in a country that needs it the most. “Our idea is to take healthcare and improve the lives of people in remote areas in Guatemala,” Dr. Corona told NewsFix. “There’s not enough doctors or specialists that help with the needs.” This year, he and 120 other volunteers plan to perform over 100 procedures. Most of their patients receive life-changing surgeries, including  cancerous tumor […]

  • Kroger to phase out plastic bags at its stores

    CINCINNATI — Kroger plans to eliminate plastic bags at stores by 2025. The company, which owns a sprawling list of supermarkets including Harris Teeter, Fred Meyer, and Ralphs, announced on Thursday that it will gradually transition to reusable bags at its nearly 2,800 locations. QFC, a Seattle grocery chain owned by Kroger, will be the first of the stores to eliminate plastic bags. They’ll be gone at QFC by 2019. Kroger CEO Rodney McMullen said in a release that Kroger […]

  • Stressed out? Here’s another reason you should move to Plano

    PLANO — What do you think has you stressed out these days? The heat, your spouse, or work? Well, according to a new study by Wallet Hub it’s probably none of those things. Instead it could be the city you live in! So we’re not going to stress you out with the most stressful cities they’ve listed. Let’s focus on the stress-free places–like Plano who is really close to the bottom of their list. Surprised? The research claims a lot of […]

  • WATCH: Texas inmate stops traffic while attempting to escape cop car!

    ABILENE — We get it… no one really wants to go to jail. Like an inmate who slowed down traffic in Taylor County after drivers spotted the inmate on top of a patrol car. Apparently, he was trying to make a daring escape while being transported to the big house. After reportedly kicking out the back window cops caught on and eventually pulled over to stop him. We would say one upside of going to jail is escaping this HEAT! But, […]

  • Rockwall resident builds custom Star Wars wheelchair for disabled girl

    ROCKWALL– Sean Fields’ love for Star Wars and costuming skills are light years ahead of the game. “It’s basically me and several of my friends have gotten together for the purpose of building large scale props for different reasons,” Fields told NewsFix. This year the Rockwall-native took his talents to the International Comic Con in San Diego. He was handpicked for a special mission with Magic Wheelchair. “When you put one of these kiddos in an epic costume, the wheelchair disappears […]

  • These cowboy boot sandals were made for the Texas heat!

    DALLAS — It’s hot as heck outside! So who in their right mind would walk around in cowboy boots?! Well, if you can’t stand to shake your boots, here’s an alternative you might’ve seen making rounds on social media. Nope! Your mind isn’t playing tricks on you nor is this some photoshopped picture. “Whenever I first came up with the idea I was in Gulf Shores, Alabama,” explained Scott Franklin. “I saw a guy wearing cowboy boots and I thought […]

  • Free the nip! Public breast-feeding now legal in all 50 states

    Free the nip!! Oh… get your mind out the gutter, guys! We’re talking to all the breastfeeding moms out there. As of Thursday, mothers can legally whip out their boob for the sake of feeding their hungry baby in all 50 states! Idaho is the last to join the controversial law that protects mama from public indecency charges and fines. A handful of states are already milking the opportunity. Next year, New York will require breastfeeding rooms in all state buildings that […]

  • Is the `middle` child becoming extinct? Blame millennials.

    They say polar bears and rhinos are on the verge of extinction, but what about humans? Sorry to break the bad news, but a magazine called The Cut claims that the middle child in America is becoming extinct. It may seem a little (ahem) cutthroat but supposedly the millennials are to blame. The article sources a government report claiming that last year women in their teens, 20s, and 30s had the fewest babies in 30 years. Just think about that. […]

  • Illinois man faces hate crime charges after incident with woman wearing Puerto Rico flag shirt

    An Illinois man accused of harassing a woman for wearing a Puerto Rican flag shirt at a Chicago-area park was charged Thursday with state hate crimes, authorities said. Prosecutors filed the two Class 3 felony hate crime charges against Timothy G. Trybus, Cook County state’s attorney’s office spokeswoman Tandra Simonton said. Trybus could face up to five years in prison for each of the hate crime charges. He was released Friday on $10,000 bond. He also faces charges of assault […]

  • Spice It Up: Blythe to host annual ‘Taste of Dallas’ event

    DALLAS — There are those two magic words that’ll probably get most people’s attention: Free FOOD! That’s just one of the perks people can indulge in at the annual ‘Taste of Dallas’ happening later this month. Before things really get cooking, the event’s kickoff party was hosted by our girl, Blythe Beck. The chef is someone who really knows how to spice it up in the kitchen. So, it’s no wonder she was hand-picked to be the event’s honorary taste-tester. To announce […]

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