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  • Majic Mic ūüé§ These artists will NEVER leave their hometown no matter how successful they get

    Have you ever noticed that when celebrities gain success, they move out of their hometown? In a lot of cases, it makes sense. If you are from rural Kentucky or Oklahoma, I mean, it’s hard to get someone to take notice so you have to move. What is interesting is that there are many artists who made their mark and still live in their hometown. Of course, there are cities like Atlanta and Los Angeles where it makes sense to […]

  • Spice It Up: Blythe to host annual ‘Taste of Dallas’ event

    DALLAS — There are those two magic words that’ll probably get most people’s attention: Free FOOD! That’s just one of the perks people can indulge in at the annual ‘Taste of Dallas’ happening later this month. Before things really get cooking, the event’s kickoff party was hosted by our girl, Blythe Beck.¬†The chef is someone who really knows how to spice it up in the kitchen. So,¬†it’s no wonder she was hand-picked to be the event’s honorary taste-tester. To announce […]

  • Red Carpet: Local students hope to walk away with ‘High School Musical Awards’

    FAIR PARK — It’s not every day you get dressed up and walk a red carpet. That’s exactly why high school students from North Texas and Oklahoma gathered at the Music Hall in Fair Park. “It’s amazing, I feel like those Broadway stars that are over in New York,” one student told NewsFix. The honorary students are also hoping to walk away with a few High School Musical Theater Awards,¬† including best supporting actress and best musical director. Who knows, […]

  • State of Emergenc-Ye: Dallas social club calls public forum to discuss Kanye West

    DALLAS — It’s a state of emergenc-YE! Well, that’s what some people are calling Kanye’s recent rant. Just in case you tuned the rapper out years ago you will or won’t be surprised he’s still in the headlines. This time it’s his views on slavery that has most of his fans bothered. Last week Kanye went on TMZ claiming 400 years of slavery “sounds like a choice”. So, the guys from Good Culture, a Dallas social club, felt it was […]

  • #5Fixes with ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Keegan Allen

    DALLAS– Actor, singer, photographer, and author Keegan Allen stopped by NewsFix to spill all the secrets from his new book, Hollywood: Photos and Stories from Forverland.¬†Most of us know him as Toby from¬†Pretty Little Liars,¬†but now that the TV series is over he’s been working on his photography skills. Keegan’s new book shows the good, bad, and always weird city through his lens. In this edition of #5Fixes Keegan shares how important his camera is –among other “fixes” in life.

  • Survivor visits Dallas Holocaust Museum with story of daring escape

    DALLAS — It’s been well over 70 years since the Holocaust happened, but there are still many survivor stories to tell. Simon Gronowski shared his this week at the Dallas Holocaust Museum. The 86-year-old says he spent one day in the Holocaust when he was just a young boy. “When I was cramped in the carriage car in April 1933,” Gronowski remembered. “I didn’t know that I was condemned to death and this train would lead to the place of […]

  • Bad or Bougie? Highland Park parents say new school looks like ‘Walmart’, devalues community

    DALLAS — The Highland Park ISD has decided to remodel a few schools and build a brand new one– but¬†some parents aren’t happy about. Mainly because the ‘look’ of the school isn’t up to par. “It’s not very attractive,” resident Lucy Washburne told NewsFix. “I don’t know how well-built it is because I haven’t been inside it yet.”¬†University Park Elementary is currently under construction and¬†some residents think it’ll end up looking like a Walmart or worse — prison! Some parents […]

  • Perfect is Boring: Tyra Banks and Mama stop in Dallas for book tour!

    DALLAS– Supermodel and mogul Tyra Banks has spent her career rooting for others, but have you ever wondered who she keeps in her corner? “The very first photograph that was in her portfolio, I shot and it was with that forehead,” Tyra’s mom, Carolyn London, told NewsFix. She’s touring with TyTy to promote their new memoir, Perfect is Boring. “I guess I’ll start eating salads and work out twice a day and my mom was like, ‘Oh, no no no […]

  • Stay Woke! Man finesses $100k using fake ‘Black Lives Matter’ Facebook page

    AUSTRALIA — Have any of y’all been one of the biggest ‘Black Lives Matter’ pages on Facebook lately? Well, if you’ve clicked on now deleted one — you’ve been PUNK’D! The fake page actually had 700,000 followers, which is twice as many as the real BLM page.¬†¬†But what’s really got people pissed is that a one-man band was behind the fraud! Turns out, the page was linked all the way across the Pacific to a middle aged white dude down […]

  • ‘Run with the Heroes’ takes off this weekend at Dallas City Hall

    DALLAS — We’ve heard the name before,¬†and now, Operation Blue Shield finds itself on another mission this weekend. They want you to “Run With The Heroes.” Organized by CEO and founder Toni Brinker, the non-profit brings communities and first responders together to create change for the better. Brinker says this weekend’s 5K and 10K runs are a head start in creating trust in the community. “This run with the heroes we will be giving capes to our superheroes, they will […]