When I graduated from UNT’s Radio, Televsion, and Film program I vowed I never wanted to work in TV or radio. After working for a recording studio (aka a non-profit), music libraries, the Dallas Stars, Microsoft, and producing content at the forefront of online education for CreativeLive…here I am….in TV!

My hat is quite tasty.

Recent Articles
  • Austin man searching for family of baby found on VHS tape at Goodwill store

    AUSTIN, Texas (KTSM) β€” An Austin-area filmmaker is hoping to find the family of a baby whose first steps were recorded on a VHS tape he found inside a VCR at an area Goodwill store. Jim McKay purchased a VCR from a Goodwill store in Cedar Park, just north of Austin. β€œIt sat around in my house for a couple of months before I even turned it on,” he said. When he did turn it on, not only did the […]

  • Nexstar Charitable Foundation and CW33 donate $100,000 to benefit Dallas schools damaged by tornadoes

    When a natural disaster like a tornado hits, it’s the quick action by first responders – firefighters, police, EMTs, etc – that is crucial to human life and safety. However, after the flashing lights are gone and the weeks and months go by, there’s often a lot of pieces for the community to pick up, both literally and figuratively. The EF-3 tornado that hit North Texas on Oct. 20 left a path of destruction that can actually be seen from […]

  • After an unlikely friendship with his former enemy, a Vietnam veteran is helping others find peace and healing

    Do you have an idea or someone to suggest for CW33 Community Change Makers? Let us know by using the form at the bottom of this page. America’s war in Vietnam occupies a unique position in our collective national psyche. For many born after the war’s end, there’s a disconnect that often comes with time to the significant events in our modern history; it’s an historical event, not as tangible as say, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. For Vietnam […]

  • This should brighten your Monday: Mercury will make a rare pass across the sun

    Forget blue moons. Even more rare is when the planet Mercury passes right across the middle of the sun, and it’s happening Monday. A Mercury transit, as it’s called, occurs only 13 times in 100 years, according to NASA, and it won’t be seen from North America again for another 30 years, or from anywhere until 2032. Starting at 7:35 a.m. ET, it will take more than five hours for Mercury to pass from one side of the sun to […]

  • Woman awarded $35,000 for bringing shelter’s kill rate from 100 percent to 0 in one year

    TAFT, Texas – A woman who left her job as an accountant to pursue her passion for animals is being awarded $35,000 after bringing her animal shelter’s kill rate from 100 percent to zero. Kayla Denney was awarded the 2019 National Unsung Hero Award by Petco for her accomplishment. According to a release from Petco, Denney now leads the City of Taft Animal Control Department, where almost all animals were euthanized. Within a few months of starting her work there, […]

  • Making cancer powerless: The Sister To Sister Festival is fighting breast cancer in underserved communities

    Awareness and and action are crucial when it comes to fighting breast cancer. Unfortunately, many medically underserved communities often lack the resources to take the necessary steps to help prevent the disease; having the support after a diagnosis is even more of a challenge. African-American women are more likely to die from breast cancer than white women, and the issues start well before there’s a diagnosis. The Dallas-based Celebrating Life Foundation is out to solve this. For the 18th year, […]

  • From hopeless to empowered: Pearline Harper and the fight to save residents from eviction in West Dallas

    Do you have an idea or someone to suggest for CW33 Community Change Makers? Let us know by using the form at the bottom of this page. Without hope. That’s how Pearline Harper describes her childhood growing up in West Dallas. It was an experience that would squash hope in most people. For those living in low-income communities in Dallas and across the U.S., hope is often one of many resources in short supply. “In the early 70’s no matter […]

  • The Back 2 School Bash gets foster kids ready to start school, find out how you can help

    As anyone with kids knows, the cost of getting them ready for school can quickly become burdensome. Life for children within the Texas foster care system is already filled with loss, trauma, and uncertainty. Starting school without the necessary support and supplies needed only widens the gap many of these children have to make up in order to have the opportunity to learn and develop. For the third year in a row, The Homes for Children will be stepping in […]

  • Jared Padalecki and Cindi Timmons are empowering girls and young people with speech and debate

    Do you have an idea or someone to suggest for CW33 Community Change Makers? Let us know by using the form at the bottom of this page. From the outside, speech and debate programs may seem like dry, formal, and pedantic competitions of facts and arguments. Walking into the 2019 National Speech & Debate Tournament, however, would have quickly dispelled such ideas. The tournament, which took place in Dallas from June 16 – 21, is the largest academic competition in […]

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