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  • Rowlett tower comes crashing down after surviving tornado

    ROWLETT – It’s demo day for a Rowlett landmark. The water tower on Martha Lane is being torn down for good. This isn’t just any water tower to Rowlett residents, the tower took a hit from the tornado that ripped through about 1,300 houses in 2015. Rowlett City manager, Brian Funderburk says, “The water tower is right here in the geometric center of the entire tornado zone.” Like many of the people in Rowlett, the tower took a hit, yet […]

  • Air National Guard mom surprises daughter with her own welcome home idea

    KELLER – It was a typical lunch at Timberview Middle School for 5th grader Laura Gonzales and her cousin Aubrey. That is until her lunch turned into a surprise of a lifetime. Laura’s mom, Sgt. Erica Gonzalez, has been stationed at Andrews Air Force Base. She hasn’t seen her mom since June. Laura had been staying with her aunt for several months when she mentioned an idea to her grandmother.  Erica Gonzalez says, “Laura was watching the welcome home videos […]

  • Therapy dog being trained by North Texas high school students

    KEENE – This isn’t a regular class at Keene High School.  This is Small Animal Management class. They’re assignment: Turn a four-month-old puppy named Blue into a therapy dog for the school. It was dog eat dog as students competed to get into the class. “A lot of the kids in here do want to be vets, or do want to work with animals, or are considering some sort of animal career,” Biology Teacher Sarah Elsharif said. Keene High School […]

  • DFW Pastors ready to shine at planned vigil for refugees

    DALLAS – Protests over President Trump`s immigration ban didn’t end at the airport.  A candlelight vigil in Dallas will bring more light to the issue. “It`s going to be a peaceful protest when people will be holding candles, whether electronically or a candle app on your phone, and it`s a time for us to come together,” said Pastor Brent Barry of North Park Presbyterian Church. Civic leaders and elected officials will be holding a rally at Thanks-Giving Square to protest […]

  • Neighborhood Supports Demolished Houses

    DALLAS – It was demo day for several dilapidated houses in the 10th Street Historic District of Dallas. District 4 Councilwoman Carolyn King Arnold was so happy when the dozers rolled in, she rolled into song. “They started rolling but we’re moving a little bit faster. Like rolling down a river. Rollin’, rollin’ like a river. So we`re rolling,” she sang. 10th Street neighbors say they’ve waited a long time to get rid of these eyesores and all the bad […]

  • Students Make Shoes Their ‘Sole’ Mission for Kids in Africa

    CARROLLTON — Prince of Peace Christian School is kicking in to help kids with shoes. Prince of Peace is having a week long shoe cutting party hoping to make close to 300 shoes out of donated blue jeans.  “We are tracing, cutting and assembling patterns for the children of Uganda,” said parent volunteer, Kim Millea. The school is teaming up with,  an organization that ships the patterns to Africa where they are sewn into shoes for barefoot kids. “There […]

  • Prosper Garbage Truck Cameras Show What They Do & Don’t Pick Up

    PROSPER – Cameras are watching you almost everywhere you go. And now, some garbage trucks, like in the town of Prosper, are going high-tech. Waste Connections rolled out a new program for the town, called 3rd Eye. Prosper Finance Director Kelly Neal says the city wanted to track garbage truck routes to deal with trash complaints for no pick ups. “We could actually pull up the system and be able to see where that truck was or when it actually […]

  • Dallas Tenants Don’t Know If They Have To Go

    DALLAS – The clock is ticking for about 300 renters in Dallas who might have to move out this summer. The city says HMK LTD. tried to evict several hundred tenants back in the fall. They got a temporary order for families to stay until June. HMK says the city is totally off base. Owner Khraish Khraish says, “It has been mis-reported I have not filed any evictions. I gave notices to vacate because I had to close my rental […]

  • Trump Dress Lady Sends Off Inauguration Attendees At Love Field

    DALLAS – It’s a dress rehearsal for Barbara Tomasino,  also known as the Trump Dress Lady. “You just can’t show up at a Trump rally without making a statement like Donald so I made a Trump dress,” said Tomasino. Tomasino couldn’t make the inauguration but she wanted to do the next best thing and see off Trump supporters at Love Field. Tomasino says, “I’ve had so much fun wearing the dress and making people laugh and seeing their reactions. They […]

  • Questions About Target’s Security Following Parking Lot Attack

    DALLAS — The brutal attack on Derek Whitener at the Target on Haskell is so scary, because it’s something that can happen to any of us. He remains in critical condition as cops search for his attackers. “These men may have been wearing masks, possibly gorilla masks,” Derek Whitener’s attorney, Chris Hamilton, told NewsFix. “Derek was scared and reported the incident to store security,” According to Derek’s attorney, when he walked back to the parking lot, the suspects beat him […]

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