Richard is the owner of the Eisner award-winning Zeus Comics in Dallas, Texas and co-creator of “the Variants,” a webseries about life in the comic shop. He is also freakishly good at handstand push-ups. You can follow Zeus Comics on twitter and instagram @zeuscomics or at

Recent Articles
  • How to train like a superhero: Learn to get fast with The Flash

    Whether you’re a weekend warrior, ringer in beer league sports, a cross fitter, MMA fighter, or a Speedster defending Central City, speed will always give you an advantage! In this episode of Zeus Comics Presents:  How To Train Like A Superhero, we work with MMA fighter Steven Peterson at The Octagon Gym as Richard learns the importance of speed in the ring. Richard also takes speed to a whole new level and taps into the speed force himself! Videographer: Garret Dollar Editor: […]

  • Supergirl Season 03 Finale! Super-powers, super-punching Season 04 clues!

    Hello, my Supergirl Superfriends! It’s the penultimate episode of Supergirl Season Three and Selena and the Daughters of Juru have come to Earth in search of the Worldkillers, having trapped Mon El and Supergirl back on the floating Kryptonian city of Argo! We kick off with the daughters testing their new powers under the yellow sun, with heat vision but with those powers comes the toxicity to Kryptonian rock itself — the  green kryptonite aaaand the Harun-El. Luckily, new Juru […]

  • Supergirl S03 E21: Reign has a splitting headache, and things get real really quick in Argo City

    Hello my Supergirl Superfriends! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics! With Reign’s escape from Lena’s lab cell, its up to Supergirl and Mon El to delay Reign long enough for Lena to synthesize the black Harun-El aka black kryptonite. But I dunno if it’s needed because Supergirl and Mon El were taking on Reign quite fine. Once completed the black kryptonite is injected into Reign. Like it’s comic counterpart the black kryptonite splits Reign into her good and evil personas. With […]

  • Arrow Season 6 Finale: Team Arrow unites, sad goodbyes, and the big Oliver reveal…plus teases for next season!

    Hello Team Arrow! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics! Can an alliance between Team Arrow and Agent Watson of the FBI save Star City from Ricardo Diaz? I’ve got the answer and to quote felicity “Give me a high-speed internet connection and a few minutes!” We open with Team Arrow reunited and all the might of the FBI storming Star City PD to regain control. And it was awesome! “Who do you think you are? I’m the Green Arrow. I’m not […]

  • Supergirl S03 E20: Kara gets a big surprise on Argo, and are we getting black kryptonite?

    Hello my Supergirl Superfriends! Its Richard from Zeus Comics! Reign is quickly becoming immune to the synthetic Kryptonite Lena is using to keep her contained. Our heroes only hope? A black kryptonian rock on a meteor five light years away. But it’s no mere meteor… part of Krypton survived! We were tipped off in last week’s preview when Kara calls out “mom” to a familiar woman in blue. But for Kara and Mon El the discovery comes after posing as […]

  • The Flash season 4 finale: Barry faces off with The Thinker, and a new speedster arrives!

    Hey Flash Fans! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics! It’s the season finale “We Are The Flash!”! Is the Thinker going to win in his plan to wipe out the intelligence of all of humanity using his dark matter satellites? Maybe? Which leads me to this week’s Flashpoints! Power Within It’s the eleventh hour and Iris pulls a rabbit out of her hat and surprise! It’s Marlize Devoe! And Marlize’s plan? Send Barry into Clifford Devoe’s mind using Cecile’s telepathy. Once […]

  • Supergirl S03 E19: Supergirl and Lena aren’t friends, and is there a way to stop a worldkiller?

    Hello my Supergirl Superfriends! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics! With Reign under examination by Lena and the DEO does the power to save her lie in a journal kept by Thomas Coville and his church of Rao? And is there a new worldkiller on the rise? We kick off this episode with Reign being contained by the same tech Lena used to keep Reign locked up plus a new feature  – a refractive scatter-field that prevents not only Reign’s X-Ray […]

  • The Flash S04 E22: DeVoe goes after Fallout as we get ready for the season 4 finale!

    Hey Flash Fans! Its Richard from Zeus Comics Can the Flash squad stop Clifford the DeVoe the Thinker from launching his satellites to bring about “enlightenment” which would reboot the prefrontal cortex of everyone on Earth reverting them to a primitive state. The simple answer is no. But it’s a hell of ride getting there starting with DeVoe breaking into Argus. Which leads me to this week’s Flashpoints! DARK MATTER META MELE! DeVoe needs one final dark matter Neil Borman […]

  • Supergirl S03 E18: A supercharged Reign goes after Ruby, Supergirl and Lena have trust issues

    Hello my Supergirl Superfriends! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics! Okay okay so Reign is on a mission to eliminate that last thing that tethers her to her human identity Samantha and that’s her daughter Ruby. But honestly, I got waaay distracted when Imra tells us classic Legion member Chameleon is in one of the stasis pods and quite possibly six more. Brainy put them in stasis until the Blight was eradicated and that now their vitals are normal and free […]

  • Arrow S06 E22: Team Arrow goes after Diaz, and Oliver seeks help from an unlikely person

    Hello Team Arrow! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics! It’s a quiet moment our heroes Breakfast for dinner at the Queens, Date night for the Diggles, Date night for Curtis and hot cop, a hockey viewing party for Ramirez’ and don’t think I didn’t lol catching up with Dinah whose idea of a relaxing evening was beating up on criminals as Black Canary. Ah – so calm… But Let’s don’t forget Oliver escaped the trial of the century engineered by crime […]

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