Producer/Reporter for Newsfix at CW33 in Dallas. I handle the Local Tracks and Majic Mic segments. I am also a sports, music and fitness enthusiast!
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Recent Articles
  • Heart attack survivor reunited with medical team who helped save him

    FORT WORTH–Medical City Fort Worth kicked off February Heart Month with a celebration of life Thursday night! Joel King was reunited with the medical team who helped diagnose him after a heart attack last year. “Everything fell in place that had to,” King said. “If I wouldn’t have been or they wouldn’t have been there that weekend I would have probably kept trying to go and you know, just try and work this off.”

  • Man writes hilarious letter to break up with Planet Fitness

    HAMPTON, NH — Breaking up is hard to do. But breaking up with your gym is harder, especially when there’s a contract involved. Well, one guy finally realized his relationship with his wasn’t working out. You see, he tried to call, but they wouldn’t let him cancel his membership over the phone. They said he needed a “certified letter” explaining why he didn’t want to work out there anymore. So he wrote a letter and published it on Reddit. It began […]

  • The downfall of Larry Nassar continues, MSU gets a temp president

    Former USA gymnastics doctor Larry Nasser is back in court and he’s hearing from more victims. “I can tell you how it wreaked havoc on my relationship with my parents. I pushed my mother away and also (inaudible). My urgency here today though is to address what allowed an atrocity of this scale to occur. This time he’s pleaded guilty to three counts of criminal sexual conduct. The accusations come from an elite Michigan club run by an Olympic coach. […]

  • Krewe de Etoiles: The Authentic Mardi Gras Ball of Dallas

    DALLAS — This time of the year signifies the start of many things like Spring, Women’s History Month, and Lent, just to name a few. But before Lent, you’ve got the party known as Mardi Gras. Some say the Big Easy is the only place to really get down on Fat Tuesday. Well, that’s all changing this year with thanks in no small part, to the woman who played a big part in organizing the Krewe de Etoiles, Annia Jenkins. “I […]

  • Majic Mic: Concert Tours to watch out for in 2018!

    DALLAS — A new year means a fresh new season of concert tours.  So if you like concerts as much as we do then you should be excited to hear about the most anticipated concert tours in 2018. For instance, one of last year’s biggest R&B artist is expected to announce a tour. Her name is SZA. Now, she hasn’t announced anything official yet but we hear its coming. Next, if you’re nostalgic for 90’s grunge, 2018 is going to be […]

  • Majic Mic: New music in 2018

    DALLAS — It`s a new year with new opportunities and most importantly, new music! Rolling Stone recently released their most anticipated albums of 2018 and there`s something for everyone on this list. The man who brought Sexy Back in 2006 is doing it again. He’s about to drop his fifth studio album, Man of the Woods. You may have heard the single Filthy; the video is pretty fresh too. Next up, this artist is consistently featured on some of the hottest […]

  • Slave trade in Libya: Videos show Sudanese migrants tortured for ransom

    Thousands of African migrants cross through Libya to get to Europe in search of a better life. It turns out many on that journey have faced abuse, slavery, and torture. The men from Sudan were held against their will in brutal conditions and it was all recorded. In one video a man is burned with hot plastic on his body as another man stands and yells at him to look at the camera. In another video, men are whipped and beaten; […]

  • Flu outbreaks leads to Bishop Lynch High School having online classes

    DALLAS — This flu season has hit Texas hard. Around the state, schools have canceled classes because of the high number of students and staff being out sick. But, one school is going viral in a different way. Bishop Lynch High School is holding classes online due to the number of flu cases at the private school in Dallas. The idea came to Principal Chad Riley after almost 10% of his students were absent Wednesday. While the schedule change is […]

  • The Nasser Effect: Michigan State president Lou Anna Simon resigns

    LANSING, MI — The judge told Larry Nasser that she signed his death warrant after sentencing him to 175 years in prison. But, the fall out at Michigan State is just beginning. Call it the Nasser effect, because hours after Nasser was sentenced, MSU’s leader of thirteen years, Lou Anna Simon, resigned. Many, including two of Michigan’s senators, said she needed to take some blame for what happened while Nasser was working as a sports physician at MSU from 1997 […]

  • President Trump addresses ‘Marches for Life’ rally and stands with pro-life

    Thousands of anti-abortion activists flooded the streets of dc for the annual march for life rally on Friday. “To the vast gathering of Americans young and old at the national mall at this very hour – welcome back to Washington D.C. And welcome back to the largest pro-life gathering in the united states of America.” Every year around the Roe v. Wade anniversary, protestors come out to support the cause. House Speaker Paul Ryan and former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow also […]

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