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  • Natural Born Killers: Texas High On Disaster List

    IRVING, TX — They are what you would call natural born killers. Twisters, hurricanes, wildfires and earthquakes can happen in a moment’s notice. Texas is one of the rare places where you can experience them all. This is probably why the Lone Star State is high on the list of Corelogic’s recent survey which identifies areas of the country most likely to suffer damage from natural hazards i.e., mother nature. It turns out Texas ranks 14th out of all the […]

  • Sky High: Dallas Wins Best Skyline in the World!

    DALLAS, TX —  We all know Dallas likes to show off its stuff, and when it come to civic pride, nothing pleases us more than to do a little gloating. Well, Dallas now has plenty more to crow about. Yep, we just won the Best International Skyline competition. Not in the country, folks. We’re talking about the entire planet! Results from the USA Today online poll might surprise some — not us of course — considering we were up against […]

  • Texas National Guardsmen Fighting Hunger

    Life on the front lines isn’t a pretty sight. For some members of the Texas National Guard, it can be an agonizing experience; they’re away from their homes and loved ones for an undetermined amount of time. But, this is the life of a soldier, serving the state and our nation proudly. You might think when Governor Rick Perry ordered hundreds of them to the border this past summer, the state would supply the needs of our troops. But you […]

  • Numb Skulls: New Concussion Technology Tracks Brain Progress

    PLANO, TX — There are injuries you can plainly see and others you can’t. This is why concussions in youth sports are serious business. This week, a group of parents smacked F.I.F.A., soccer’s international governing body, with a class-action lawsuit, claiming it has done little to nothing to protect players. In recent years, more leagues and doctors have become aware of the growing concerns surrounding concussions. According to data posted on, over a million concussions occur each year. Of those, […]

  • Mmmm… Austin Brewery Rolls Out 99-Pack of Beer!

    AUSTIN, TX — Beer lovers are celebrating now that a brewery in Austin has rolled out the ultimate party packs. When a six-pack or even a case won’t do — how about a 99-pack?! That’s right. Austin Beerworks has unveiled the very first 99-pack of beer. For $99 you can haul off an 82-pound, 7-foot long package of suds. The company filled each can with its Peacemaker blonde ale. But after you and your buddies down nearly a hundred beers, keeping […]

  • The Boys Are Back! Cowboys Pre-Season Pep Rally

    ARLINGTON, TX — The boys are back in North Texas. They’ve been toughing it out on the West Coast, preparing for a new campaign. With the regular season fast approaching, the team took a time-out from practice to toast current and past players and to raise money for a good cause. Proceeds from Thursday’s Cowboys Luncheon will benefit the Happy Hill Farm, a boarding school that educates kids across North Texas. “It is so helpful. I know for both the […]

  • Honest Tea: Beverage Company Tests Your Honesty

    America is known as the land of the free, home of the brave and —  the country of honesty? It appears we’re all good little angels, for the most part. But one company, Honest Tea, wanted to put folks to the test. So, it did a little experiment using the honor system. It set up unmanned tea stands in all 50 states. People had a choice: Pay a dollar for a bottle of tea or just grab one and go. […]

  • Smug Mug: Poking Fun at Governor’s Grinning Mugshot

    DALLAS — It can’t be comfortable walking around in Rick Perry’s boots these days. But, the governor managed to conjure up a grin for his mug shot. He has a reason to smile. He just carved out his own place in the history books. Perry is the first sitting Texas governor to be indicted in nearly 100 years, since James ‘Pa’ Ferguson back in 1916. While Republicans are calling it a political witch hunt, state Democrats aren’t willing to miss […]

  • We’re Pumped: Gas Prices Take Summer Dive

    Get your motors running! Road trippers and weekend warriors are happy something is finally going in the right direction. Yes, we’re pumped about gas prices. They’re heading south for the second half of summer drive time. According to, tanks in Texas are getting filled up at an average of $3.28 a gallon. Just be glad we’re not living elsewhere. A map on the website shows the varying gas prices around the country. The West coast is feeling the most […]

  • Turf War: Dallas Cowboys, Raiders Brawl During Joint Practice

    OXNARD, CA — There’s bad blood boiling at Cowboys training camp in Oxnard, CA. But, they’re not taking it out on each other. Instead, the boys have the perfect enemy in the Oakland Raiders to release some pent up aggression. And, that’s exactly what they did. The ‘Boys and the Raiders  were involved in a little bit of a dust up following a vicious hit delivered by Cowboys cornerback Morris Claiborne during Tuesday’s scrimmage. Angry players, from both camps, created a dog […]

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