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  • Uber Lame: Woman Outraged Over $433 Uber Fare

    DENVER, CO — Uber is often called a faster, convenient alternative to traditional cabs. It’s supposed to take the stress out of getting where you need to go. But, one Denver area woman is disputing that fact. She is furious with the online car service. Tracy Reed says Uber charged her $443 for a ride from an Elton John Concert in Downtown Denver to her home in Parker, which located close to 21 miles away, on Saturday night. Apparently, she didn’t […]

  • #LATTESALUTE: Obama Roasted Over Coffee Cup Salute

    NEW YORK CITY — Everybody…..AHHHH…TENNNN…HUTTTT! Yep, the salute is used for traditional military greetings and each officer puts his or her own spin on it. President Obama is no exception. But, what has everyone up in arms this week is a video, which appeared on the White House’s Instagram account. It shows President Obama stepping off Marine One in New York City and saluting his security detail with a cup of coffee in his hand. The image of America’s commander-in-chief being […]

  • Ring the Alarm: Tornado Sirens Malfunction, Disrupt Neighbors

    FORT WORTH, TX — Let’s face it, the buzz from a morning alarm clock can come as a startle sometimes. But, the folks in the Meadowbrook neighborhood of Fort Worth got another kind of rude awakening. The screeching howls of nearby tornado sirens sounded off early Wednesday and Thursday, then again in the evening. There’s just one problem — it was a false alarm. “Yesterday morning, around 6:20, we started getting calls that several of the sirens were malfunctioning,” says Juan […]

  • Worth the Wait? iPhone 6 Lives Up to the Hype

    DALLAS — The days of waiting, the hours of anticipation, and long lines of people are now over. The time has arrived for the release of Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. For gadget geeks, it certainly was a beautiful day because they have a chance at getting the hands on the latest smartphones. And, you can see the difference. Apple lovers, who could not wait much longer, are falling in love with larger screens and faster software. RELATED — […]

  • Making Changes: Controversial Restaurant Sign Backlash

    DALLAS, TX — Look who just cracked under the pressure of the little guy. Yum! Brands, Inc. – the fast food giant that serves up some of America’s favorites. It owns popular chains like Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell. While it did not offend the masses with its cute taco-loving chihuahua back in the 90s, maybe the company crossed the line with a communist star. Dallas’ Vietnamese-American community was definitely upset over a sign posted prominently outside the Banh Saigon […]

  • Worth Every Penny: North TX Giving Day Donations Surpass $20 Million

    In North Texas, there is no shortage of generosity and it definitely shows. On Thursday, folks opened up their hearts and wallets to help more than 1,500 area non-profit groups and charities. This is all for the 6th annual North Texas Giving Day. It’s an 18-hour fundraiser, where folks can contribute cash to an organization of their choice through the North Texas Giving Day website. You can add to the donation totals until midnight. More than $25 million was raised during […]

  • Rich Records: Affluenza Teen Appeal Denied

    FORT WORTH — The legal matters hanging over Ethan Couch and his family will remain for the foreseeable future. Their legal team will determine the next course of action after a recent setback in a civil lawsuit. It’s one that could potentially lead to a financial nightmare. The Keller 16-year old is currently inside a state-run rehabilitation facility. Ethan Couch was sentenced to undergo treatment and probation for driving drunk and killing four people in June 2013. His attorney successfully argued […]

  • Save Me: Kid Inventor’s Panic Button App

    GALVESTON, TX — We’ve all heard about stranger danger. You remember the old videos showed to us in elementary school. It’s the hope of a lot parents that kids know what to do when confronted by possible predators. This is where 12-year-old Dylan Puccetti of Galveston steps into the scene. The young, creative Texan is making sure his friends and others don’t fall prey to strangers. He invented a mobile app, which is appropriately named the Save Me App. Dylan […]

  • Droning On: High-Tech Drones All the Rage in DFW

    ARLINGTON, TX — They provide a bird’s eye view of our world. We’re talking about unmanned aircraft, or their more common names, drones. These little technical marvels are all the rage these days. They are fast becoming a regular sight in today’s communities. The most expensive high-tech drones are being used by the military to combat terrorism and to target enemies on the battlefield. But, closer to home – the remote-controlled copters and planes are proving to be very handy […]

  • Blood Money: $90 Million in Cartel Money Seized

    LOS ANGELES, CA — It’s like a scene out of the movie Scarface. Drug dealers are using illegal means to amass their large fortunes. And, this story is no different. But, you can score one for the good guys. In Los Angeles, federal agents, involved in a joint sting operation, snatched a heap of cash from the Mexican cartels and other criminal organizations on Wednesday. Exercising dozens of warrants, teams of officers raided businesses in the city’s Fashion District which […]

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