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  • Case Dismissed: Jerry Jones Stripper Lawsuit Tossed Out

    DALLAS —  It was billed as the Ex-Stripper vs. The Billion Dollar Playboy. We’re talking about the scandalous case with Jana Weckerly taking on Jerry Jones in court. The two were apparently once close, but that was before they ended up in a no-holds barred battle with Weckerly suing for a million dollars. Well, not anymore. The case was settled Thursday and the Cowboys owner came out on top. That’s right. Weckerly‘s lawsuit, claiming she was intimidated and paid hush money to […]

  • Flight Risk: Frontier Flight from Ebola Hell

    DALLAS — The flight from Hell. Well, it sure seems that way following the news that nurse who now has Ebola flew from Cleveland to Dallas this week. She had a slightly elevated fever, no vomiting — thank goodness — when she boarded her flight Monday, one day before testing positive for the deadly disease. You know what happens next — hit the panic button. Now, Ohio is dealing with fears about Ebola too. “It was a huge scare. You […]

  • Handle With Care: Hospital’s Ebola Protocol Questioned

    DALLAS — The Ebola frontline is creating a war of words. We’ve now learned two Dallas nurses, Nina Pham and Amber Vinson, tested positive for the deadly virus after caring for Thomas Eric Duncan who died exactly a week ago. The million dollar question everyone is asking: how did they get infected? “These two healthcare workers both worked on the days of September 28, 29, 30 and had extensive contact with the patient when the patient had extensive production of body […]

  • U.S. Officials Question Ebola Response

    It’s not the scenario Thomas Duncan’s family ever thought would happen when he booked his flight from Liberia. Instead of living a life together in Dallas, they had his remains cremated after he spent days putting up a valiant fight against the Ebola virus. Officials also sent the contaminated items from his relatives’ apartment to Port Arthur, where a hazardous waste company will dispose of them. With that tragic episode behind us, there are more pressing security issues on the […]

  • Ebola Tensions Mount

      DALLAS — Ebola isn’t just on the minds of worried North Texans; world leaders are calling it the worst epidemic since AIDS arrived on the scene in the 1980’s. They say it’s going to take an aggressive strategy to attack and eradicate the disease. “The answer to this crisis is to stop it where it lies. So doing right by Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea is the right thing to do in all these dimensions. We’ve just got to […]

  • Grim Reality: First U.S. Ebola Patient Dies in Dallas

    DALLAS —  It’s the sort of grim reality the Dallas community didn’t want to see happen. Thomas Eric Duncan, the man who carried the first cast of Ebola to America, has died. News of his passing came Wednesday morning in the form of a statement released by Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. “It is with profound sadness and heartfelt disappointment that we must inform you of the death of Thomas Eric Duncan this morning at 7:51am. Mr. Duncan succumbed to an […]

  • Too Late to Sue? Jerry Jones Wants Stripper Lawsuit Tossed Out

    DALLAS, TX — The Cowboys’ game might be on Sunday, but there’s already drama building before the New Orleans Saints roll into Arlington. The legal team for Jerry Jones had a hot date with a judge in a lawsuit involving a former stripper. Jana Weckerly is suing the billionaire businessman for more than a million dollars. That’s not exactly chump change. Weckerly claims she was intimidated and bullied to keep quiet about an alleged sexual assault in 2009. Her proof of […]

  • Losing to Win: Rangers Trying to Salvage Terrible Season

    ARLINGTON, TX — It’s been a season worth forgetting for the Texas Rangers. Along the way, they  lost their manager Ron Washington. The injury bug’s been relentless, striking several key players, including pitching aces Yu Darvish and Derrick Holland. As a result, the Rangers, which once had dreams of still winning a World Series, are now reduced to a cellar dweller in the American League standings. So far, they have racked up 93 losses this year and are 32-and-a-half games back […]

  • Bendgate: From iBend to iBugs, Apple Slammed with Problems

    CUPERTINO, CA — It was hyped to be bigger and  faster than the rest of its predecessors. But there have been some issues with the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and glitches with the new iOS 8 software. Not high on a list of selling points is the fact that the smartphones bend and the Bluetooth connectivity seems to be a problem. RELATED — Banana Phone? iPhone 6 Should Be Called iBend Bloggers say the update will not allow them to […]

  • Hush Money? Stripper Claims Jerry Jones Paid Her to Keep Quiet

    DALLAS, TX — It looks like Jerry Jones’ season is taking a turn for the worse. With his Cowboys on a roll lately, 2-1 is not bad, an off-the-field issue could spell trouble for the team owner. Jones is being slapped with new allegations from a former stripper, who is suing the billionaire business mogul for a million dollars. Amended court documents filed this week reveal Jana Weckerly hopes to penalize Jones for unnecessary roughness. She claims Jones paid her to […]

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