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  • Your insurance company might be ghost following you online!

    DALLAS–  Have you ever been scrolling social media, and thought to yourself… why would someone even post that? Well, there`s a new reason you should rethink that next status update. “We tell everybody everything, tell people what restaurant we go to, what bar we go to, the little emojis of how we are feeling, are we happy, are we sad, are we depressed,” says healthcare expert, Seth Denson. Health insurance companies are watching what you do on social media. Denson […]

  • Dallas ice cream shop needs special help rocking the state fair!

    DALLAS– Howdy Homemade always has a warm welcome, a cold treat, and the friendliest staff ever. Oh gosh, let’s not forget their the ice cream is super legit! “We are trying to create an environment where the most important thing is friendliness,” says the owner Tom Landis. Howdy Handmade is on a relentless pursuit to provide employment for those with special needs. The owner Tom Landis says they are the key to customer service. “Across the board, everybody needs an opportunity […]

  • Spice of Blythe: Which products to buy organic!

    DALLAS — Do you ever stare at the organic section in the grocery store and wonder if buying organic products is actually worth it? On this week’s Spice of Blythe, Blythe Beck explains what you should spend an extra a bit more on, and and what you should just leave on the shelf. She’s the owner and head chef of Pink Magnolia in Oak Cliff. She says anything that is permeable should be bought organic. Strawberries, tomatoes, potatoes, and any […]

  • Organization new to North Texas giving single moms scholarships and support

    DALLAS — At the University of Texas Arlington, 23-year-old Morgan Smith is the first in Texas to get a scholarship that`s new to the state. “After this semester I will be classified as a senior,” she says. Morgan is a single mom to her 5-year-old son, Avery. “He asks me all the time, ‘mommy did you have a good day at school today?’ Because I ask him all the time,” she says. “When he turned three and a half I […]

  • Spice of Blythe: No more boring mimosas

    DALLAS — On this week’s Spice of Blythe, there is a trend going around that you might want to get on top of! A lot of restaurants have been changing up the recipes of the basic mimosa. However, Blythe Beck has something even STRONGER! Adding different kinds of liquor to punch up your mimosa. Fair warning, she says you’re going to want to be careful how many of them you drink!

  • McKinney teen battling brain cancer wins fight over her wig that broke dress code

    DALLAS — Meet 17-year-old Kate Pepper, a high school student at McKinney ISD. She’s battling brain cancer for the second time. After losing a lot of hair, she chose a wig with the blueish tint. “It’s not like I chose to cut my hair off,” she says. “With the situation I am going through, me wearing this wig makes me feel good, it makes me feel stronger. It make me feel, it gives me courage, it gives me, just something […]

  • Dallas children book creators are rewriting narratives, celebrating different cultures

    DALLAS– There is a new chapter being written inside childrens’ books by Dallas authors and illustrators. Dallas author, Maureen Eno says it’s a domino effect. “You see all these amazing people just popping up, and just sharing their cultures and sharing their beliefs.” She says she wants her (someday) children to read all kinds of books, “Asian author, or a white author, black author, Indian author.” She’s written a few books, celebrating the African culture. “I definitely felt like this […]

  • Dallas Life homeless shelter partners with the city to change more lives

    DALLAS — If you were to pay a visit to the kitchen at the Dallas Life Center, you’d be greeted with a big smile by Sunni Moore. She’s the kitchen manager! “We came here after we were stuck out in a horrible storm,” Moore says. “I mean literally and physically and mentally, we were in a storm.” A series of events caused Sunni and her husband to lose everything they had, including their two beautiful children. “You’re crawling out of […]

  • WANTED: Whoever threw rocks at cars driving on the George Bush Tollway

    ROWLETT- Imagine driving down George Bush Tollway at full speed when bam! a rock hits your windshield. It was all too real for the man driving this car. “It went just to the left of the steering wheel. Just to the left of his head,” says Lt. David Nabors with the Rowlett Police Department. Investigators are searching for the person or people who were throwing rocks at cars driving on the tollway in Rowlett on Saturday evening. Several cars are […]

  • Fort Worth family searching for dog after being robbed at gunpoint

    DALLAS — Fort Worth dad, Chad Killen, has a story that will make your skin crawl. After work on Thursday night he went outside of his apartment to smoke a cigarette. He says a man with a gun walked up to him, then another man and woman came around the corner also pointing guns at him. “They take me into the threshold of my house, put me on the ground, two of them keep their guns trained while ones goes […]

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