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Nice to meet you, I joined the CW33 team in November 2017 to escape the cold, and of course to follow my dream to tell community stories that make a difference.

Before moving to Dallas, I was working at the NBC/CBS affiliate in Fargo, North Dakota as a Crime and Safety Multi-Media Journalist. I covered some major murder cases, as well as investigated stories that brought resolution for victims.

I graduated from North Dakota State University, you know, the football team that often goes to Frisco and wins national championship after national championship. GO BISON!

I’m proud to say I was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota! The land of 10,000 lakes and my beautiful family that taught me the importance of community. I enjoy cooking, eating, fitness, shooting video and photography. I love that our station allows us to bring a creative element into telling the stories that belong to you, the people of Texas.

Got a story? I’d be honored to tell it, send me an email at nicole.johnson@cw33.com, or follow me on social media.

Recent Articles
  • Treat yo selfie by getting your face on a milkshake in Deep Ellum!

    DALLAS — If you’re all about your selfies and your instafood pics, Deep Ellum has a place for you! DoHolics is opening on Friday by the owners of Chill360 (it’s actually located right next door). The place is serving cookie dough, milk shots and selfie milkshakes. A milk shot is a cookie baked into the form of a shot glass, and it’s filled up with a shot of milk! The other brand new treat is a selfie milkshake. Something exciting […]

  • Spice of Blythe: Beat the heat with a gourmet snow cone!

    DALLAS — There is no two ways about it, it’s hot in Texas. What do you do when it’s steamy out there to beat the heat? Get snow cones, of course! On this week’s Spice of Blythe, owner and head chef of Pink Magnolia tries something she’s never had before! Sno Gourmet Shaved Ice in North Dallas is a little hidden secret. They aren’t messing around with these treats. Blythe tried a traditional Mexican favorite with a little kick. There […]

  • Fort Worth makes new one ways, meanwhile drivers make mistakes

    FORT WORTH — It’s chaos on West 7th Street area of Fort Worth. That’s the whole reason the city is making the main arteries on the busy road into one ways… for safety. “I typically avoid the area on late night,” says one driver. Especially at night when bars get out, it’s tough for anyone to navigate, including emergency crews. However, the transition is adding confusion onto that chaos. City workers and police are staking out the area with bright […]

  • Dallas man nailed by Lime scooter driver while walking on the sidewalk

    DALLAS — It was like any other day. Cody Daniels had just clocked out of work and was walking of this out of a downtown Dallas parking garage. Someone on a electric scooter hit him at full speed. “Stepped onto the sidewalk and then he hit me from this side, straight to the ground,” Daniels said. He said he couldn’t see him.  “He hit me faster than I could turn my head really to look.” Feeling panicked, Daniels felt his […]

  • Dallas mall is a zoo! Stuffed lions, tigers, and Build A Bears OH MY!

    DALLAS — It’s a zoo at malls around the country. No lions or tigers, but the build-a-bears… ohhhhhh my! “I am going to get a bear,” says one little girl waiting in line. It’s an international thing, you pay your age for a stuffed animal. “There are 6 of us and 10 children,” says one nanny while laughing. People are waiting in lines a ridiculous amount of time. “We started at the elevators, three hours ago,” says one mom who […]

  • Dallas man gets fly opportunity to detail historic Air Force One

    DALLAS — A car wash on wheels stopped by our station. Oh, sorry, 360 Dallas Auto Detail is not really a car wash. “Anybody can open a car wash,” says Sam Hutson. He’s a professional detailer. “It’s less common than you think.” He basically went to college to take special care of all kinds of cars. “It’s fully mobile, so we don’t have a shop.” Hutson says, “It’s a pretty in depth world that people don’t really know about.” Inside […]

  • Spice of Blythe: What to cook when vegans come for dinner!

    DALLAS– While she isn’t sure what to think about the whole vegan lifestyle, Blythe Beck has been doing some research on it. She’s the head chef and owner of Pink Magnolia in Oak Cliff. Beck says going vegan is a hot trend right now. She started thinking about how to make food taste good after her brother announced he is a vegan and he’s coming for a visit! Beck says it is important to learn how to season and spice […]

  • Dallas artist spreading hope through necklace campaign

    DALLAS — Love is a four letter word, but it holds so many meanings. “I didn’t feel a lot of love,” says Dallas based artist and author Margaret Hulse. “I designed the necklace because I wanted to feel love.” Hulse is talking about her Love Necklace Campaign. With this necklace near our hearts, we can run our fingers along the delicate gold letters that spell L-O-V-E and know that no matter where we are, mentally or physically, we are loved. […]

  • Fort Worth teen starts YouTube channel ‘Single Mom at 14’

    FORT WORTH — A Fort Worth teen is turning something unexpected, into something positive. “Hi guys, I`m Maddie and this is my baby boo Everly,” says Maddie Lambert on her YouTube channel. “I was pregnant at 14!” She’s trying to break a stereotype. “You have seen the show Teen Mom, like that doesn`t put a good name around it.” She`s sharing her story because she was inspired by other YouTubers. “Whenever I got pregnant, I remember searching up on YouTube […]

  • Dogs and cats are free right now at Dallas Animal Services!

    DALLAS — All the dogs and cats have the same face at Dallas Animal Services. You know, the face of “please take me home.” “Right now they are all free because we are over capacity, and we would really love to see all these animals have wonderful forever homes,”Mia Cheung, with DAS says. Free? Yes, through Saturday, free dogs and cats. “We can get in over 100 dogs in the summer easily, through people dropping them off here, finding them […]