I’m the Managing Editor for NewsFix. That’s a nice title for the guy who approves most of our stories before they go on the air. I also produce the weekly segments “The Real Thing?” which disproves fake news sites, and “Pothole of the Day.”

I’ve worked at television stations in Dallas-Fort Worth, Detroit, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Austin, Tyler, Lufkin and Sherman. I’ve primarily worked as a newscast producer, but in TV, we all do a little of everything.

Recent Articles
  • Pothole of the Day: It’s a tire-eater!

    Today’s pothole is a tire-eater and it’s in a place where you don’t have a chance to swerve and miss it. It’s on the I-35E southbound service road just past Woodall Rodgers. James Loku knows all about the potholes in North Texas. “It almost becomes a nagging drive through, driving through all those potholes,” he said. Yeah, well, this one’s more than nagging. If you hit that sharp edge just right you’ll be shopping for a new tire. James has […]

  • The Real Thing? Is former Secretary of State Kerry headed to prison?

    When President Trump announced the U.S. was pulling out of a nuclear deal with Iran, it sparked outrage in Iran. And apparently, former Secretary of State John Kerry was somehow involved. Stories online said “John Kerry facing prison after interfering with Iran.” And one U.S. representative’s Twitter page accused Kerry of violating the “Logan Act.” The Logan Act dates back more than 200 years. It prohibits anyone from interfering with American negotiations with another country. In all that time, no […]

  • Migraine Miracle? New drug could prevent those headaches

    Many treatments for migraines focus on getting rid of the headache after it has started. But what if you could avoid a migraine altogether? That’s the promise of a groundbreaking new drug called Aimovig. The FDA just approved it in the past few days. “This is an original,” said Dr. Micahel Ament, a headache specialist. “An original and a first, we’ve never had a prevention drug designed for migraines.” Patients would give themselves monthly injections of the drug which should […]

  • Police arrest man for fires at Fort Worth’s Hulen Mall

    FORT WORTH– “There is nobody else we are looking for at this time, there is no danger to the public and that’s what we wanted to stress right now,” Sgt. Chris Britt of Fort Worth Police Department said. A suspect is in custody after another Molotov Cocktail is set on fire at Huelen Mall that caused the entire mall to evacuate. The man arrested for the crime, Craig Michael Tezeno of Fort Worth, was found shortly after he lit the […]

  • Man yelling about the President opens fire at Trump golf resort

    A man yelling about Donald Trump opened fire early Friday in the lobby of a Miami-area golf resort owned by the President, authorities said. Authorities received a call of an active shooter at the Trump National Doral Golf Club at 1:30 a.m., said Juan Perez, director of the Miami-Dade police. When officers arrived, they found the suspect armed with a handgun, Perez said. The man – who is not believed to be a guest at the resort – had draped […]

  • Man arrested in Dallas transgender woman’s murder case

    DALLAS–Police have made an arrest in the death of a transgender woman. Carla Pavon was found dead in her apartment near 635 and Preston last week. On Thursday, police announced 24-year-old Jimmy Eugene Johnson III has been arrested in Walker County near Huntsville. Dallas investigators went there to talk to Johnson. “During the interview, it was revealed that property was stolen from the victim during the commission of the murder offense,” Dallas Police Deputy Chief Thomas Castro said. “The property […]

  • Study: Bad sleep could hurt your mental health

    Honestly, it’s hard enough for any of us to get a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, a new study says not getting good sleep can take a serious toll on your mental health. The study in “The Lancet Psychiatry” found people who sleep less at night and more in the daytime are more likely to have symptoms of bipolar disorder or major depression. They were also found to have slower reaction times. Now it’s not clear whether the sleep problems cause […]

  • The Real Thing? Stories say California could ban bibles

    Religious freedom’s under attack according to a story that’s filling Facebook feeds everywhere. The headline says: “California to ban the sale of Bibles?” The story’s about conversion therapy, which supporters claim can turn a gay person straight, even though the American Medical Association and other medical and mental health organizations oppose it, claiming it’s not effective and can even cause psychological harm. The story says: “Assembly Bill 2943 would make it an `unlawful business practice…’ to advertise, offer to engage […]

  • Pothole of the Day: Yes! Dallas DOES fix potholes!

    We saw something you don’t often enough. It was a Dallas city crew–filling a pothole! We heard about one on Lemmon Avenue just west of Highway 75. It was going to be our Pothole of the Day, but by the time we got to it, those guys were on it! But don’t get too excited. There are still plenty of potholes out there. We only drove eight minutes and came across one on Inwood Drive at Nash Street. We’re glad […]

  • Pothole of the Day is ‘Down on Main Street’

    There’s no hiding today’s pothole. With apologies to rocker Bob Seger, it’s “Down on Main Street.” It’s on east main in Dallas at Peak Street. “Potholes are just part of life and they get worse all the time,” Patricia Ridgley said. Patricia’s been hitting the potholes all over* town. “Does Dallas have a pothole problem? Yes! There’s no doubt in my mind,” Ridgley said. And she wants the city to do something about it. “When I do a big bump […]