I’m the Managing Editor for NewsFix. That’s a nice title for the guy who approves most of our stories before they go on the air. I also produce the weekly segments “The Real Thing?” which disproves fake news sites, and “Pothole of the Day.”

I’ve worked at television stations in Dallas-Fort Worth, Detroit, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Austin, Tyler, Lufkin and Sherman. I’ve primarily worked as a newscast producer, but in TV, we all do a little of everything.

Recent Articles
  • Amazon wants to help you start a business

    Have you had enough ridiculous meetings? Are you tired of working for “the man,” or maybe, “the woman?” You’ve dreamed about starting your own business, but you know it’ll cost a lot of money and you’ve got a lot of questions about how to start. Amazon is now offering to help. They’re helping people around the country start their own businesses that will deliver Amazon packages. “We’re really creating a program where we’ve negotiated exclusive discounts on assets and services […]

  • Man injured in Sachse strip mall shooting

    SACHSE–Police are investigating a shooting a suburban strip mall. It happened off highway 78 in Sachse. Cops say they found a victim who’d been shot. He was in the strip mall’s parking lot. He’s in stable condition in the hospital. Cops are questioning two people.

  • The Real Thing? Does a candidate for senate really want to “destroy” Social Security?

    If you wanna get people worked up, talk about messing with their Social Security. It comes up in political campaigns every few years, like in the one involving Florida Governor Rick Scott, who’s running for the U.S. Senate. “Yes, Rick Scott does want to destroy Social Security,” the headline on social media reads. It comes from a site called “Social Security Works,” and they claim the author is Bowser from Sha-Na-Na. But the site itself is kind of questionable. It […]

  • Pothole of the Day: One gets fixed, but there are still plenty to go around

    Last time, we told you about this pothole on MacArthur Boulevard in Irving. Well, they fixed the thing! Good going, Irving! Now let’s see if Dallas can be that prompt. Today’s pothole is on the Highway 175 service road at Lake June Place. It’s pretty deep and it looks like it could really do a number on your tires. “It’s very dangerous, Derrick Thomas said. “They need to smooth them out, fill them in or do something.” Derrick knows all […]

  • Two roller coaster riders fall over 30 feet after car derails in Daytona Beach

    DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Multiple people were hurt after a roller coaster car derailed at the Daytona Beach Boardwalk Thursday night, according to officials. Two people fell from the car, which was left dangling upside down roughly 35 feet off the ground, according to the Daytona Beach Fire Department. The extent of their injuries hasn’t been released. Firefighters worked to rescue others left stranded on the roller coaster. One man could be seen gingerly walking down the ladder of a […]

  • The Real Thing? Who starts these fake stories?

    Almost as soon as ABC announced it was canceling Roseanne Barr’s show over her racist tweets, this story popped up online: “Fox network picks up ‘Roseanne,’ saying it has no problem with occasional racism. Soon after, it became clear that wasn’t true. So where do lies like that come from? The folks at FactCheck.org tracked it down and found the story originated at a site called “Extra Newsfeed.” That site labeled the story in the headline as “satire.” But FactCheck.org […]

  • Pothole of the Day: This one slipped through the cracks

    IRVING–This pothole in Valley Ranch is a hard one to dodge. It’s on MacArthur Boulevard just south of Ranch Trail. The city’s been working on MacArthur lately, but it looks like this pothole slipped through the cracks. “I just think it’s dangerous,” Rudy Diaz said. Rudy knows all about the potholes in Irving. “I hit one last year and I had to change the tire on my car,” he said. He’s seen crews out working on the streets, but that […]

  • Bourdain inspired chefs in Dallas and nationwide

    Celebrity chef and TV personality Anthony Bourdain is dead at the age of 61. He reportedly took his own life in a hotel in France. Bourdain had what many consider a dream job. He traveled the world exploring the food and telling the stories of the people. “We ask very simple questions, what makes you happy? What do you eat? What do you like to cook?” he said as he accepted a Peabody Award for his CNN show, Parts Unknown. […]

  • Simon Says: Why Do Some Racists Get a Mulligan?

    How many of you play golf and make a bad shot? That’s when you want a Mulligan. You know, a do-over. Another chance. The past few days I’ve been thinking Roseanne Barr may get a “second chance.” Because when it comes to being racist in this country, there’s a Mulligan for some. Roseanne’s tweet was disgusting, and even though it feels her career is dead, she may really be in a very long coma. The racist Mulligan is real. Ask […]

  • Former Dallas cop pleads guilty for 2013 shooting of man in car

    DALLAS–You might remember the video from 2013. An officer got into a stolen car that was still moving after the driver jumped out. She fired a shot that hit the stolen car’s passenger, Kelvion Walker. the officer was fired almost immediately, but it’s taken ’til now for her criminal case to end. She pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor for the shooting and got probation for a year and a half. “Eighteen months is really not nothing, but, you know, I […]