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Mark McCray…better known as Mark McCrazy is the host of The Mark McCrazy Experience! This twenty-plus-year broadcaster and Classic Hip Hop enthusiast has been on the air since he was 16. By spreading his unique sense of humor, sarcasm, community service and ability to relate to his audience, Mark’s passion is unparalleled! He is an award-winning personality that is not your “typical” radio announcer. He is the anchor and driving force behind The Mark McCrazy Experience! To “experience” it for yourself, tune in weekday mornings to Boom 94.5!

Recent Articles
  • Majic Mic 🎤 This is why radio will NEVER go out of style

    Technology is one of those industries that is constantly changing. One of the biggest changes we have seen is the way that we receive music such as streaming, online, downloads and internet radio has really grown over the last decade. However, in the world of music delivery, one broadcast medium still dominates: radio! It has been around since the early 1900`s and is still going strong. When you think about it, radio has survived LP`s, 8-track tapes, cassettes, CDs, Napster… […]

  • Majic Mic 🎤 These artists will NEVER leave their hometown no matter how successful they get

    Have you ever noticed that when celebrities gain success, they move out of their hometown? In a lot of cases, it makes sense. If you are from rural Kentucky or Oklahoma, I mean, it’s hard to get someone to take notice so you have to move. What is interesting is that there are many artists who made their mark and still live in their hometown. Of course, there are cities like Atlanta and Los Angeles where it makes sense to […]

  • Majic Mic 🎤: Top music festivals around the world

    If  you’re a music lover, and okay with partying among ultra large, care-free, sweaty, hygiene optional fans– then you love music festivals! With each passing year they seem to be more and more popular and attract larger crowds. It blows me away how huge these festivals can get. So let`s talk about the most popular ones in the world. One of the largest in the world happens in New Orleans: The Essence Festival. The R&B festival that typically has around […]

  • Majic Mic: Some of the most powerful couples in music

    You`ve probably heard that America`s power couple, Beyonce and Jay, are on an international tour! OTRII which also implies this isn’t the first time they have toured together. I’ve always found it interesting when your spouse is also your co-worker. Famous couples working together is not a new thing– like famous R&B duo Ashford and Simpson. Not only did they tour and sing together, they also opened up a restaurant and hosted a radio show together. Another famous couple who toured together is […]

  • Majic Mic: Bad movie, great soundtrack

    It`s summertime, the time where movie companies love to release their hottest movies for the blockbuster season. If you’re anything like me, you love a great movie but you love a great soundtrack too. Well, sometimes, great soundtracks happen to terrible movies. One of the first that comes to mind is Purple Rain. I know it`s a cult classic, but when you really think about it, not the best motion picture. There are so many hits on the soundtrack, you […]

  • Majic Mic 🎤Celebrities who’ve bounced back from controversy

    If you’re into celebrity news you already know celebrities and controversy go hand in hand. They are sometimes a better match than peas and carrots or peanut butter and jelly. Lately, there has been a non-stop train of celebrities with career damaging controversies and missteps. We are currently dealing with Bill Cosby`s sex scandal– drugging women and allegedly having his way with them. R. Kelly’s sex cult accusations where multiple women some maybe underage were part of a controlling harem […]

  • Majic Mic: Best breakup songs of all time

    Warmer temperatures are starting to roll in, and cuffing/snuggling season is coming to an end. So it makes sense to do a list of biggest break up songs, and trust me, there are a bunch! Like … Justin Timberlake`s classic Cry Me A River. TOUGH! Another tough one is the Pop jam from 2011, Somebody That I Used To Know. Of course some people have made a career from heartbreak like Mary J. Blige. and Adele … Some of these break […]

  • Majic Mic 🎤 : Rap & Hip Hop artists announce retirement… then come back!

    Retiring from music is a tricky thing, and most recently Hip Hop veteran Jeezy just announced his retirement after almost 20 years in the game. It made me start to think: ‘I wonder if he`s really retiring or not’. Frankly sometimes these retirements don`t stick. For instance: Jay Z retired in 2003, made a big announcement, last shows but that didn’t last. Three years after that he was back in the studio and continues to go strong. Same with Too […]

  • Majic Mic 🎤: These music artists have successfully switched genres

    Not sure if you heard, but guess who has one of the top selling Gospel albums in the country? Snoop Dogg! The news has some people scratching their heads but really they shouldn`t. It`s not that uncommon for artist to switch musical formats. As a matter of fact, this is the second time Snoop has done it. Let`s not forget he switched from Hip Hop to Reggae under the name ‘Snoop Lion’. Another example is Darius Rucker from the rock group […]

  • Majic Mic: Hip Hop & R&B Ballers 🏀

    If you love basketball as much as I do, then you know we will be entering some of the most exciting times in the sport. We’re finished with the All-Star Game and will soon be entering the playoffs. One of the things I noticed recently is the amount of Hip Hip, R&B and other recording artist who are actually pretty good basketball players. In this year’s NBA All-Star Celebrity Basketball Game, Quavo of the Migos was balling so hard that he […]

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