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  • Mama’s in the Money: Single Mom Wins $66 Million Lottery

    Who says good things can’t happen on Friday the 13th? On Friday, June 13, Kelsey Zachow was just another Michigander struggling to achieve the American dream. And she bought a lottery ticket.

  • Emergency Crew Breaks Into Hot Car to Rescue Baby Doll

    HOBOKEN, NJ– For a child carelessly left in a hot car, every second makes a difference. So, when a passerby saw what they thought was a child in a car seat in Hoboken, New Jersey, they called 911. Emergency responders immediately broke the driver’s side window. One problem? “There were the cops and the ambulance and they broke the window thinking that there was a baby in there, but it wasn’t a baby, it was a doll,’ Kitty Mieles, the […]

  • First Grader Forced to Sit on Floor for a Month

    HOUSTON, TX–  One Houston mom is pretty upset after she says her 7 year-old daughter was forced to sit on the floor for a month as punishment for scrawling a harmless picture on her desk. This mother wants to stay anonymous to protect her daughter, but decided to speak out after she says her daughter fessed up that she apparently lost her desk privileges for doodling. Westwood Elementary, the school in question, says the teacher was reprimanded and the district […]

  • UPDATE: Dallas Cyclospora Cases Skyrocket to 30

    UPDATE:  The number of Cyclospora cases in Dallas County have shot up from 21 to 30. The Health and Human Services department made the announcement Thursday. That’s more than 100 for the entire state of Texas. Cyclospora is a nasty intestinal infection that spreads from drinking or eating food contaminated with feces. ORIGINAL STORY: DALLAS, TX– Remember when we told you about Cyclospora, the intestinal infection that’s taking the Lone Star state by storm? Yeah, the infection you get by […]

  • Rare ‘Geep’ Born at Petting Zoo

    PHOENIX, AZ — Adorable and adorably rare. It’s not a lamb and it’s not a sheep — this animal is a baby geep — half goat, half sheep. No, we’re not messing with you. This cutie’s name is Butterfly and she’s a pretty rare species — possibly the only gee” in the state of Arizona. Her mom is a sheep, while her dad is a pygmy goat. The petting zoo owners didn’t even know the sheep was pregnant and the […]

  • Texas Sees High Teacher Turnover

    Ever wonder why most teachers are so young? Well in Texas, it’s because they don’t last very long. Apparently, half of all new teachers in the Lone Star state will abandon their teaching careers within five years. And it’s especially bad at the Dallas Independent School District, where and HR exec told the Dallas Observer that even after 2,000 openings were filled last month, there would likely be another round of hirings as even more teachers leave their jobs. The […]

  • Driving While Drowsy: Allergy Meds = .03 BAC

    Sir, how many Claritins have you had tonight?!? Apparently, your allergies aren’t just annoying, they’re big trouble when you’re behind the wheel.  A new study from The Netherlands has found drivers with classic allergy symptoms — coughing, sneezing, and itchy, watery eyes — were just as impaired as drivers with a .03 blood alcohol level. Yeah, the people tested drove 60 minutes with a camera recording when they swerved; apparently, allergy symptoms make you feel flu-like, which not.  Good. And, […]

  • Lucky Dog: Dog Saved By Firefighters

    SOUTH OAK CLIFF – It was a devastating night for a family on Tioga Street, watching their house in Oak Cliff go up in flames. Two women and two kids made it out safely and firefighters were able to extinguish the flames, but not before the house was heavily damaged. But every cloud has a silver lining — in this case, it was a furry lining. Sticking out of the debris was a little, fuzzy paw —  it was Fancy, […]

  • Buck Up: Dollar Tree Buys Family Dollar For $8.5 Billion

    CHESAPEAKE, VA– The most annoying part about shopping at Family Dollar? Not everything is actually a dollar. And, as it turns out, the actual store costs a little more than a dollar, too — $8.5 billion, to be exact. That’s a lot of stuff made in China. On Monday, Dollar Tree announced they’re buying their competitor, Family Dollar, to create one giant dollar empire to defeat all other dollar empires. The deal is expected to close early next year. In […]

  • ‘Texsa’: UT Typo Leads to OU Comedy

    Go Longhorns! Boy, do we love Texsa sports. Wait. That’s not right. Yeah, the University of Texas needs to spring for a computer with spell check. That’s because at the bottom of their Longhorns 2014 media guide, the school printed Way to go, guys. Where’d y’all get your diplomas, UT?? Well, a few OU fans decided to have some fun at the Longhorns’ expense — they created a website.  The first text you see when you visit the […]

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