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  • Say What?! Texas Cops Busted For Social Media Rants

    MARLIN, TX — It’s time for “Cops Say the Darndest Things”… social media edition. Apparently, there are some officers out there who just don’t know when it’s time to log off and shut up. Exhibit Numero Uno: Detective Rob Douglas from Marlin, that’s near Waco, is reportedly on administrative leave because of a Facebook rant about welfare recipients. We’ll spare you the whole thing, but the post talks about seeing lazy people on welfare at the local market on the first […]

  • Going to the Dogs: Tinder Introduces Puppy Matching

    NEW YORK, NY– The dating app Tinder might be sending its single customers a message: maybe it`s time to give up on love and get a puppy instead. Just kidding! The company is rolling out a new feature in New York City to help rescue dogs who need a home. They’ve partnered with a shelter organization called ‘Social Tees’ and a creative agency who made the doggy profiles. In less than a day, the pups received more than 1,500 matches […]

  • Turbulence Injures Flight Attendant, 3 Passengers

    CLEARWATER, FL — Passengers aboard an Allegiant Air flight out of Florida on Monday were treated to quite the bumpy ride. In fact, it was so bad, a flight attendant and three passengers were injured. Passengers say the flight was right in the middle of drink service when the plane made a free fall. And the flight attendant injured was having an especially rough day. “I mean, she took a beating,’ Jim Adler, a passenger on the plane, said.  ‘She […]

  • Paw-Casso: You Won’t Believe the Painting Poodle

    LOUISVILLE, KY – The next up and coming abstract artist`s bark matches his bite. Literally. Meet Polo, the painting poodle. The six-year-old dog stroked his way to be featured in an auction gallery with some VIPs – very important painters. And if you think this is an owner`s ploy to make a profit off of her pooch, think again. “I have no interest in selling it myself; I wanted it to be of benefit,’ owner Ann Sheltz said. Sheltz paints […]

  • Cosmic Meeting: Rosetta Becomes First Spacecraft to Orbit Comet

    SPACE — How long and how far would you go for something you really, really wanted? Chances are, the Rosetta Spacecraft has you beat. After 10 years and billions of miles, the European Space Agency announced that the craft just became the first probe to ever rendezvous with an orbiting comet. To get there, the Rosetta clocked 6.4 billion kilometers, looping around the sun five times. This is actually the closest mankind has ever got to one of these things. […]

  • Never-Sold: MJ’s Neverland Ranch for Sale

    Have $60 million burning a hole in your pocket? Boy, do we have the property for you! Er… take that back. No boys here. Come inside the Neverland Ranch, a stunning 2,680 acre property. Previous owner?  The deceased but beloved ‘King of Pop,’ he was kinda into sequins and one glove. Enter through the property’s pearly gates, where Peter Pan will greet you. Extravagant craftsmanship, chandeliers hanging from every ceiling, and the security surrounding this place will tell unwanted guests […]

  • War Vet Creates Craft Creatures for Charity

    BANGOR, ME– It started as a challenge from his daughter, but now Larry Payeur’s crafting hobby has turned into so much more. The Vietnam and Korean War vet was first asked by his daughter to recreate a wire spider pin she had seen. Soon, he took to crafting little, wire creatures pretty easily. Now, he makes them for charities and even gives them to strangers on the street. “I walk up to them and I give it to them and […]

  • Workers Dress Up as Bobcats to Rehabilitate Animals

    MORGAN HILL, CA — Just a few weeks ago, things weren`t looking good for Fairfield the bobcat. Now, he`s a healthy, feisty little guy thanks to an interesting rehab technique. Fairfield was abandoned after his mother was apparently shot for killing chickens. He was picked up and taken to the ‘Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center’ in Morgan Hill, California. Caretakers there dress up in bobcat costumes to minimize human contact with the little guy. Their goal is to get him […]

  • Standards Too High? Protesters Rally at Austin Abortion Hearing

    AUSTIN — Last year, Texas had 41 abortion clinics. Now, in the wake of a new state law that has practically gutted these practices, there are only 19 in the entire state. What a difference a year makes. That new law requires doctors at the clinics to have surgical privileges at nearby hospitals. It’s set to go into effect on September 1 and is already wreaking havoc for health providers. One group, Whole Woman’s Health, is trying to change that. […]

  • Animal Attraction: Texas Tech Big Game Hunting Kendall Jones is Back

    HOUSTON, TX– Remember Texas Tech cheerleader Kendall Jones? You know, the big game teen trophy hunter who made headlines last month over her controversial Facebook photos? Like the one with her and a dead lion? Yeah, so many people hated on those photos that over 300,000 people petitioned Facebook to take down her page. In the end, Zuck heeded her haters and took some of Jones’ photos down… but not all. Well, now the 19 year-old is back in the […]

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