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  • Pimp my lounge: Richardson teachers surprised with updated teacher’s lounge

    RICHARDSON– From bland to glam, Richardson Elementary School teachers got a fancy surprise when they walked into their teacher’s lounge! “This is amazing! I couldn’t even imagine it would look like this. This is amazing,” one teacher said. “Yeah, I’m never going to want to leave here,” another teacher said. All these elegant updates are courtesy the Shanty2chic sisters; D.I.Y. home improvement experts and hosts of HGTV’s Open Concept. “We wanted to give them like a good seating area over […]

  • Fort Worth police look for suspects after morning bank shooting

    FORT WORTH– It was a scary morning for people inside this Veritex Bank on Merrick street in Fort Worth. It started around 9:20 a.m. when shots rang out leaving three female employees shot and suspects on the run. Police are still trying to figure out if a robbery actually occurred. Soon after, Fort Worth cops evacuated a nearby neighborhood and engaged in a standoff. “Swat went in. They did a slow clear; high intensity. No issues came from that. It does […]

  • Technical Todd: Man calls police after being fouled during a basketball game in Virginia

    STERLING, VA– Basketball isn’t always fun and games, especially when you get fouled. Though it can get pretty heated on the court, it should never get to the point where the police are called. That’s what happened in Virginia, when a couple of guys were playing a game at an L.A. Fitness gym. One guy tweeted a picture saying, “for the first time in my life, I experienced someone call the police because they got fouled hard.” Today for the first […]

  • Experimental blood test could detect melanoma skin cancer early, study finds

    Australian researchers have developed an experimental blood test they say is the first blood test capable of detecting melanoma — an aggressive form of skin cancer — in its early stages with a high degree of accuracy. The test could speed up the diagnosis process, saving thousands of lives. Scientists at Edith Cowan University in Western Australia tested blood samples for the antibodies typically created by the immune system in response to melanoma and identified them with significant accuracy. Antibodies […]

  • Meet Luna, the rare white lion cub growing up in Tyler

    TYLER — Tiger Creek Animal Sanctuary in Tyler isn’t exactly a lion’s den. But, for now, it is the home of a 7-week-old white lion cub. Her name is Luna and she weighs 12 pounds. She feeds from a bottle, for now, until she’s moved into her own habitat once she’s 6-months-old. You don’t see lions like Luna every day. They have a recessive gene that makes them this color. There are less than 5,000 left in the world. There’s an […]

  • Judge finds Benbrook mother ‘not guilty’ by reason of insanity in daughters’ murders

    FORT WORTH– It’s the finale that doesn’t quite end. A state judge found a Benbrook mother not guilty of her two daughters’ murders, by reason of insanity. In 2016, Sofya Tsygankova  was charged with capital murder after her husband, world renowned pianist, Vadym Kholodenko, found their daughters smothered to death in the family’s home. He also found Tsygankova, alive, with self inflicted stab wounds. The initial arrest affidavit said she was bleeding and confused when detectives got to the family’s home. Investigators found a […]

  • Fort Worth Police install new air conditioning unit in elderly woman’s home

    FORT WORTH — It’s like Christmas in July. The Fort Worth Police Department gave the gift of cool air to an elderly woman whose air conditioner had gone out. It all came about when Neighborhood Police Officers (NPOs) got concerned when they hadn’t seen or heard from an elderly fort worth woman who lived on Michael Street. Officers figured out the home belonged to Barbara Clark. Shortly after, they tracked her down at Harris Hospital, where she was being treated for severe […]

  • Dallas auction house shows public how much their public keepsakes are worth

    DALLAS — What’s the price?  We don’t know, but appraisers do! Twice a year, professional judges come to Heritage Auctions in Dallas so you can see how much your valuables are worth. Nothing is off limits! “We see thousands of items all across the board. We’ll see paintings. We’ll see sculptures. We’ll see items of pop culture, vintage comic books,” Eric Bradley with Heritage Auctions said. “It could be something from a movie. It could be something that was stage worn by […]

  • Texas take-down: U.S. Attorney announces indictment of eight MS-13 gang members

    DALLAS — It’s a Texas take-down! Eight MS-13 gang members have been indicted on several dangerous charges, including attempted murder, assault and racketeering conspiracy. “At this point, 7 defendants are in custody. Six are in state custody. One defendant was arrested and had their initial appearance yesterday in federal court and we have one defendant at large,” Northern District of Texas U.S. Attorney Erin Nealy Cox said. Several agencies worked together to win this small victory. “MS-13 is one the […]

  • Airline travel at all time high. Yet, pilot applications are not

    DALLAS– “Airline travel is at an all time high. We’ve seen in the last three to four years, people are flying now more than ever. So, the airlines are really struggling to catch up with that demand.” business owner, Zachary Burau said. Burau is the founder of a new booking site called Wanderift, a new airline travel membership program. Through his research starting his business, he’s noticed the pilot shortage and he says he knows what could be the cause. “It’s […]

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