Jake moved to Dallas in February 2016 to join the CW33 team because he has a passion for story telling and a desire to do it in a creative way. What better channel than through NewsFix?! He worked as a sports reporter in the past, spending years in both Augusta, GA, and Johnson City, TN, covering anything from high school sports to NASCAR, the PGA, NCAA, and the pros. If you have a story you’d like told, let him know at jake.young@cw33.com.

Recent Articles
  • After Hawaii false alarm scare, where do we go from here?

    HAWAII — The false alarm in Hawaii Saturday can be summed up pretty easily. “The guy had one job, and he messed up,” said Hawaiian resident Vinicius Pereria. It was a mess up that put the islands, and our entire country, on edge for an astounding 38 minutes. “We put the baby in the bathroom, didn’t know what else to do,” tourist Adnan Mesiwala told media. “They’re literally going through this feeling of, ‘I’ve got minutes to find my loved […]

  • Rangers Winter Caravan rolls on while the club is looking to the links

    ARLINGTON — The winter chill’s not ready to leave us alone, but Major League Baseball and the Texas Rangers are right around the corner! Three Rangers — Brett Nicholas, Matt Bush, and Jeff Russell — were signing for fans Saturday as part of their Winter Caravan, and you never quite know what to expect. Case in point, a boy with a Texas Rangers football! “A football?” Nicholas laughed. “That’ll be a first.” “I thought it would be cool to get […]

  • 22 years later, Amber Hagerman’s legacy lives on through AMBER Alert

    NORTH TEXAS — An AMBER Alert rang out the first Saturday in October. A three-year-old in Richardson, potentially in grave danger, was last seen in a pink shirt and black pajama pants. Over the next few days, Wesley Mathews story of what happened to his daughter fell apart, but another thing happened too. Hundreds of people who received that alert came to Richardson to search for Sherin Mathews, and eventually her body was recovered, leading to Friday’s capital murder indictment […]

  • Plano mayor, a Haitian immigrant, responds to President Trump’s ‘s***hole countries’ comment

    PLANO — Among the many people angered by President Trump’s expletive-filled rant about immigrants from Africa, El Salvador, and Haiti, add in Plano Mayor Harry LaRosiliere. The mayor released a statement Saturday calling the President’s comments offensive on a personal level. If you remember, Trump is reported to have said, “Why are we having all these people from s***hole countries come here?” Mayor LaRosiliere’s parents immigrated to the USA from Haiti when he was three years old, and he noted […]

  • 7/7 Police shooting spurred $25 million for stronger bulletproof vests in Texas

    DALLAS — Officers make a promise, swearing an oath to protect and serve, and Governor Greg Abbott kept his promise to those men and women in blue. “We promised that we would make the lives of police officers safer and our community safer, and we delivered on that promise,” Abbott said in a press conference at the Dallas Police Association Tuesday. On Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, almost a year-and-a-half to the day since the downtown attack on July 7, 2016, […]

  • Twitter created Oprah 2020, but could it be real?

    HOLLYWOOD — The night started with one of many jokes in Seth Meyers’ Golden Globes opening monologue. “In 2011, I told some jokes about our current President at the White House Correspondents Dinner, jokes about how he was unqualified to be President, and some have said that night convinced him to run. If that’s true, I just wanna say, ‘Oprah, you will never be President! You do not have what it takes!'” Then she got up to accept the Cecil […]

  • Ruff Life alum Rusty at the mercy of an appeal after biting incident

    DALLAS — Rusty is on doggie death row. You remember he bit a two-year-old at a Dallas Pets Alive! adoption event in December at Klyde Warren Park, and now a judge proclaimed he’s a danger and must be put down. Rusty also has a history with NewsFix. Hundreds of dogs have graced the screen in our series, Ruff Life, all of them looking for a forever family through rescue group Dallas Pets Alive! Rusty was one of those. With other […]

  • NDSU gets a six pack, wins another FCS national title in Frisco

    FRISCO — The last six FCS national champions met in Frisco Saturday afternoon, and yes, that’s just between two teams. North Dakota State held the advantage of a five-peat from 2011-2015, but hey, James Madison was the defending champ trying to keep their crown. As far as fans go, it was Bison by a Fargo mile. “Where is James Madison? I haven’t seen any of them,” one NDSU fan shouted into a sea of green and gold. The Dukes that […]

  • Rats in your car?! Hey, everyone’s trying to stay warm

    DALLAS — We’re all hunting for warmth as temperatures dip into the 20’s and below, and that includes the smallest and dirtiest among us. “They’re not healthy beings so they might have diseases or something so if you do smell anything, you wanna get it checked out,” said Pit Pros Service Manager Alejandro Perez. A Frisco woman took that advice after smelling something foul on her car. The news wasn’t great. The woman wanted to stay anonymous, but she shared […]

  • Bike OVERshare? With 5 companies in Dallas already, one man has hit social media gold

    DALLAS — What started as a brightly colored battle for bike share supremacy in Dallas has turned into a two-wheeled terror! It’s like The Sixth Sense! We’re seeing them all the time and everywhere. They aren’t dead, though! But seriously, y’all. It’s so crazy there’s an Instagram account, Dallas Bike Mess, devoted solely to left behind LimeBikes and the like. Who’s behind this picture peddling account? A man named Josh Miller. “It took on a life of its own,” Miller […]

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