Jake moved to Dallas in February 2016 to join the CW33 team because he has a passion for story telling and a desire to do it in a creative way. What better channel than through NewsFix?! He worked as a sports reporter in the past, spending years in both Augusta, GA, and Johnson City, TN, covering anything from high school sports to NASCAR, the PGA, NCAA, and the pros. If you have a story you’d like told, let him know at jake.young@cw33.com.

Recent Articles
  • Anesthesia-fueled Dirk fan’s dream comes true

    DENTON — It started with an emotional plea. “Dirk! The greatest of all time!” 22-year-old Dianne Garcia said through tears. “You want Dirk to sign your shirt? Your jersey?” her housemate responded. “I love him so much!” Dianne cried. Then, a little thing called the internet happened, and this wisdom tooth anesthesia-fueled monologue blew up. The ‘Tall Baller’, Dirk Nowitzki, saw Dianne Garcia’s heartfelt plea. Dirk and J.J. react to @Ps_Dianne's hilarious video! 😂😂😂 pic.twitter.com/qrbSeTVQUw — Dallas Mavericks (@dallasmavs) January […]

  • Bullet train coming to Dallas? Can we even call it that?

    DALLAS — Stop us if you’ve heard this one before, but a bullet train’s about to connect Dallas to Houston. We understand if you’re giving us the Marcia Brady “Sure, Jan” treatment. We know it’s been practically 50 years in the making on this one, and you won’t believe it until you see the track being laid, but we’re really closer now than ever. We have conceptual renderings for a station, and they’ve pegged a location in the Cedars area […]

  • Colonel Sanders is a lady, and she looks like Reba McEntire!

    LOUISVILLE, KY — It’s Reba! Or is it? “All right, stop, stop. I can’t do this,” Reba McEntire says, ripping off her signature auburn locks to show a short, gray patch of hair in her new Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial. “I thought if I dressed up like a country music legend, it would help KFC sell my delicious new Smoky Mountain Barbecue.” Yep, Fancy is no longer her name. Starting this week, this country music legend has changed her tune. […]

  • Garland apartment fire may have been arson

    GARLAND — A man was seen crawling through the window of a Garland apartment Sunday morning. Two minutes later, a fire was reported. Coincidence? They’re not so sure. Eight units at Garland’s Saturn Square Apartments went up in flames around 10:30 a.m. Sunday. No one was injured, but it took Garland Fire Department five engines and three trucks to put out the two-alarm blaze. Now, it’s the Garland Police Department saying they were called to the apartment at 10:28 a.m. […]

  • Humanitarian group calling out Border Patrol for destroying aid

    TUSCON, AZ — “Make sure you get a good shot. Picking up this trash that somebody left on the trail.” Those were the words of a man humanitarian group No More Deaths claims was US Border Patrol. They were said as he poured out gallons of fresh water along a desert trail. When you’re in that environment, chances are the sand and dirt aren’t the best places for gallons of water, and that’s the problem according to No More Deaths. They […]

  • Dallas is America’s worst city for… natural disasters?!

    DALLAS — This just in! It’s the end of the world as Dallas, Plano, and Irving know it! How are you feeling? Fine? According to the website, Sperling’s Best Places, issa wrap. We’re done! Sperling’s calls Dallas-Plano-Irving the least safe place to live in the whole country. And it’s not because of thousands of bike share rides piling up in the streets, falling out of trees, or collapsing on top of us. “You have this sort of perfect convergence of […]

  • Rusty Redux: Dallas Pets Alive! adds event policies after biting incident

    THE COLONY — Green or red? It’s usually not too hard to understand, right? That’s why it makes so much sense for Dallas Pets Alive! and their adoptable pets. “We’re actually evaluating our animals based on their behavior and personality and coding them green, yellow, orange, and red,” said Dallas Pets Alive! Asst. Dir. of Adoption Events Liesl Hlavacek. “Green is they’re friendly with everybody, and then it goes to the extreme of red. That, we would not recommend them […]

  • Dallas Pets Alive! speaks for first time about condemned dog, Rusty

    DALLAS — The controversy surrounding Rusty the dog in Dallas is a complicated one. “I can sympathize with the family,” Dallas Pets Alive! Director Leslie Sans told NewsFix Tuesday. “I can only imagine what they were going through.” But… “We’re still going to work hard to save Rusty because he’s one of our own, and he deserves that, absolutely,” Sans said. As we’ve said before, Rusty is a foster of our Ruff Life partner, Dallas Pets Alive! and Tuesday they […]

  • Free at last! The power of words drives MLK’s legacy

    DALLAS — There’s a reason we’ve been told the pen is mightier than the sword, and one man understood that better than maybe, anyone. That man was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. His words are his legacy, and his legacy was celebrated Monday with his birthday and his national holiday. Thousands, including our own personalities here at CW33, were on MLK Boulevard in Dallas in the parade that recognized the man who had a dream, the man who let freedom […]

  • Online tell-all accuses comedian Aziz Ansari of sexual misconduct

    NEW YORK, NY — A YouTube search tells you that comedian Aziz Ansari has “the secret to finding love online”, that he “wants to help you find a mate”, what his marriage advice is, and “why girls date jerks”. “‘What’s the worst that could happen?'” he asks, mimicking a naive young lady in his comedy special, Dangerously Delicious. “What’s the worst that could happen? He could put something in your drink and rape you. That’s the worst that could happen!” […]

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