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  • Peak in Women Seeking Extra-Marital Relationships Online after Mother’s Day

    DALLAS—Ahh, the day after Mother’s Day.  Some moms are still busy sorting fresh flowers, chocolates, and the sweet cards from the kids. But according to extra marital dating site, tons of moms are, well, busy doing something else. Ashley Madison’s founder and CEO says Mother’s Day tends to magnify the flaws, the questions about choices you’ve made, which leads to making conclusions around doing something different for yourself. Some suggest this means perhaps the half-wrapped hand blender under the […]

  • Visually & Hearing Impaired Kids Enjoy Beeping Easter Egg Hunt

    DALLAS – Ready, set, go! This group is serious about Easter Eggs. Kids ran down Flagpole Hill Thursday and snagged dozens of eggs within minutes. But if you look or listen a little closer, you’ll notice something special about this Easter Egg Hunt. “It makes us feel absolutely awesome. We just want laughter and happiness,” said Janet Brown with AT&T Dallas Council Pioneers. “We’re helping kids feel that they’re a part of something fun.” The kids participating live with some […]

  • The Home Depot Helps With Tornado Cleanup

    ROWLETT—The recent tornados took a lot of folks’ peace of mind — and more.  The Home Depot is trying to help people get some of that back. They’re doing it with Survive A Storm.  It’s basically a shelter in your home. “When we get an alert that a large storm has gone through an area, we do start calling to make sure you are in your shelter and that you are okay,” Tornado Shelter Specialist Manager Lori Nicklas said. “If we […]

  • Dallas Native Creates ‘Baby Box’ in Hopes of Saving Lives

    DALLAS—You’ve heard of putting your baby in a crib, or maybe a bassinet. But a cardboard box?? It’s the trend in Finland.  For decades, the Finnish government has been providing new mothers with a box fit for a baby with lots of goodies. The country has one of the lowest infant mortality rates, which leads some folks to believe it might be related to this box. That’s why Dallas native and Hockaday grad Jennifer Clary started the Baby Box Company […]

  • Millionaire Offers Mansions to Tornado Victims for $1 a Month

    GARLAND — The storm may be over, but the cleanup is on in tornado-stricken Garland. In the works is something some might call a New Year’s Miracle. Samuel and Maria Aguilar were married 24 years ago on December 27th. They came back from celebrating their wedding anniversary to find their home ruined. “We feel terrible,” Maria said. “We tried to get in, but the police didn’t let us come.” Her husband explained, “We feel very, very blessed, but we feel […]

  • Plano, Arlington Top Cities with Highest Growing Divorce Rates

    DALLAS—There’s no nice way to put it—about 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce according to The site, MooseRoots, took it a step further to see how that population has changed over time, and here’s the 25 states with the highest percent of divorce growth from 1970 to 2010. At the bottom of the list: Wichita, Kansas.  At the top: Virginia Beach. What’s more, four lone star cities were sandwiched in between—with 2 of those here in DFW.  […]

  • Samaritan’s Purse Helps Tornado Victims Who Lost Homes

    ROWLETT—Alondra Acosta never thought that a trip to the dollar store might’ve saved her life. “I was going to a wedding, and I put the present in this bag and I didn’t like the bag.  I said, ‘No, I’m going to get a different bag. It doesn’t look right, so I went to the dollar store,’” she explained. Turns out, there was a bigger gift in store for her than could fit in that bag. “It started getting darker.  I […]

  • Day 1 Dallas: New Year’s Family Fair Benefits Homeless Children

    DALLAS — Big D NYE that found a home in downtown Dallas is not happening this year, and the big clock is winding down.  Got to wonder, how’s a Dallasite supposed to bring in the New Year?! And with a lot of places closed, and school out for winter break, how do you keep the kids entertained?! “Two years ago, I was trying to come up with something for my then 6-year-old to do on New Year’s Day or New […]

  • Volunteers Help Relocate Tornado Damaged Elementary School

    RED OAK, Texas — While some folks are looking for food and shelter, another group are looking for a place to have school. The storm ripped through Donald T. Shields Elementary School, leaving hundreds of students without a place to return next Tuesday. That is… until volunteers stepped in. “We had over 700 volunteers. There were lines of people with trailers and trucks. All of their desks were brought over, cleaned up,” Shelia Straughan, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources at […]

  • Rowlett Animal Shelter Houses Pets From Deadly Tornadoes

    ROWLETT, Texas — Rowlett’s present situation was no gift this Christmas weekend, and families weren’t the only ones displaced by the deadly tornadoes. Dozens of family pets have been separated from their homes. “There’s so much destruction — houses gone, fences knocked down, dogs, cats are everywhere,” Animal Control Officer Asher Moore explained. People have been flocking to social media pages like those belonging to the Rowlett Animal Shelter, Lost & Found Pets From North Texas Tornadoes, and other nearby […]

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