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  • Chew on This: Haystack Burgers and Barley serves food with a side of family

    DALLAS – Finding a great burger spot in Dallas isn’t hard, but finding a great burger spot with a great story behind it is. Kevin and Jenny Galvan – owners of Haystack Burgers and Barley – are the exception. The duo made their mark with their first location in Richardson, now they’re shaking things up in Big-D. “We just love being together, so we love working together,” Jenny Galvan told Newsfix. “But I think more than that we just both […]

  • Fanchion K’s Tea blends self-care with self-awareness

    LANCASTER – When’s the last time you had a cup of tea? That long huh? Well, Fanchion Kenady is hoping to change your perspective on one of the most underrated beverages. Newsfix caught up with her at Raaz Team Room – in Lancaster – where we learned her passion came from her late mother. “She was a minister, she did a lot of outreach,” Kenady said. “I didn’t want to carry on what she was doing, I wanted to kind […]

  • Daddy Knows Best: National Fried Chicken Day

    If you haven’t heard by now, it’s National Fried Chicken Day! So, how do you like your fried chicken? Newsfix caught up with Gary McMillian, owner of Daddy Mac’s Chicken in Dallas – who explains how to create the perfect piece. “A juicy piece of chicken with a crust that’s kind of crispy, not too greasy,” McMillian said. “A good seasoning on top of it makes a big difference also.” As far the best sides to have with your bird? […]

  • Special Delivery: Smokey John’s BBQ hosts free lunch pop-up for loyal customers

    Smokey John’s has been a BBQ staple in Dallas for over 40 years. But after a devastating fire last September, they haven’t been able to serve their loyal customers on a daily basis.. So, Friday they hosted a pop-up lunch outside their restaurant – which is still under construction – giving away 25 of their famous BBQ stuffed potatoes – for free! “It’s been a long time coming,” co-owner Juan Reaves told Newsfix. “We thought when we first had the […]

  • Chew on This: Humble Pies does simple really, really well

    DALLAS – When you’re in the mood for something sweet, nothing is more fulfilling than a slice – or two – of pie. One Dallas spot is offering up the perfect kind – Humble Pies. And owner Sean Jett has quite the culinary background. “I’ve been in the business for almost 30 years,” Jett told Newsfix. “Worked everything from short-order line cook to all the way up to five-star cuisine.” But when it was time to venture into something new, […]

  • Chew on This: Steve and Cammy’s Ice Cream brings a sweet touch to Oak Cliff

    DALLAS – Steven and Camille jones aren’t Dallas natives, but their efforts to make the community sweeter would make you think otherwise. “We were new to the Dallas area a couple years ago,” Steven Jones told Newsfix. “One of the reoccurring things we noticed in these bigger cities is that there’s always a part of town that seems neglected when it comes to financial infrastructure. My wife and I have always had a passion to try and figure out a […]

  • Chew on This: Café Intermezzo is the perfect place to unwind and dine

    PLANO – When you think of a restaurant to go to for coffee, breakfast, dinner, pastries, and cocktails – it’s likely just one place doesn’t come to mind. Well, an Atlanta-based spot is looking to change that with Cafe Intermezzo located in Plano’s Shops at Legacy. And this restaurant’s legacy began decades ago. “Our owner Bryan Olsen was importing espresso machines in the United States when people in America didn’t know what espresso was back in the late 60’s and […]

  • Chew on This: Mowhawk Militia raises money for Veteran operated greenhouse

    DALLAS – From working in some of the most prestigious Dallas kitchens, to appearances on the Food Network – Chef Patrick Stark is no stranger to the spotlight. But after years in the business, he’s looking to shine his light on Veterans, in hopes of creating a greenhouse run by those who served our country. And he’s using his charity – the Mohawk Militia. “The Mohawk Militia has been around for five years,” Stark told Newsfix. It’s a 501c3 charity. […]

  • Chew on This: Mille Lire brings traditional Italian with a twist

    DALLAS – Tradition, tradition, tradition. That’s what oozes out of Mille Lire, the Italian eatery located at The Centrum, in Dallas’ Oak Lawn area. And it starts with the name… “Mille Lire is just old Italian money,” executive chef Guiliano Matarese told Newsfix. “It’s just the memory and celebration of what we had before the Euro came in the market.” And getting innovative, yet classic Italian dishes here in the heart of Texas – is priceless. “My menu changes almost […]

  • Teen in custody after stabbing, killing 14-year-old girl in fight in Fort Worth

    FORT WORTH – Early Tuesday morning, a 14-year-old girl was stabbed to death in Fort Worth by another teen. It happened in a neighborhood near Crowley and Sycamore School Road. The suspect? A teenage girl. Fort Worth Police say the two got into a fight before the stabbing. The victim, Nylah Lightfoot, was pronounced dead at the John Peter Smith Hospital, according to the Fort Worth Star Telegram. The suspect has been detained by authorities. No further details have been […]