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  • Savvy Saver: Free museums, Africa in DFW, and the one where you watched ‘Friends’ in a theater

      Several NTX museums are free on Museum Day, here’s a great reason to actually visit a mall, and you need more friends in your life. Savvy Saver 👇 Museum Day | Sept. 21 Only Too often, if you’re trying to get yer culturin’ and yer learnin’ on, you need a 2nd mortgage to go to a museum these days. That’s before the special exhibit ticket. Well, Smithsonian Magazine has you savvy saving. Sept. 21 is Museum Day, a one-day […]

  • Enter to win tickets to see FRIENDS on the big screen and celebrate the 25th anniversary!

      FRIENDS is celebrating 25 years and it’s coming to the big screen in Dallas! Enter to win 4 tickets to see FRIENDS in select theaters on Sept. 23, Sept. 28, or Oct. 2! Your friends are still there for you, 25 years later! Celebrate the milestone anniversary of the beloved sitcom, coming to the big screen for the first time ever!    

  • Support breast cancer awareness in DFW and register for the Sister to Sister Fitness Festival 5K Run and Walk!

    Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death for women. Early detection is key to successful treatment, and that all starts with awareness. For the 18th year, the Dallas-based Celebrating Life Foundation is hosting the Sister to Sister Fitness Festival 5K Run and Walk on Saturday, October 5th. Walkers, volunteers, sponsors and community supporters from throughout the Dallas/Cedar Hill community will unite to walk and address the risks of breast cancer. Here’s your chance to make a local impact, […]

  • Coming full circle: Going from talk show host to ‘Judge Jerry’ isn’t as farfetched as you might think for Jerry Springer

    Going from a talk show host to a Judge might be a stretch for any career, but for Jerry Springer it’s actually a return to his roots. If you’re only awareness of Jerry is the 27 seasons of The Jerry Springer Show, you’re only seeing part of his story. You see, prior to TV Jerry was a lawyer, receiving his JD from Tulane University. He even spent time on the Cincinnati City Council and was Mayor for a time. It […]

  • Savvy Saver: Drop the kids off at the club, get a regrettable tattoo you’ve always wanted, and drink wine (parent-of-the-year edition)

      Take your kid to a club, get that tattoo you’ll have absolutely no regrets about whatsoever, and guzzle wine like your a Game of Thrones character (ie parent of the year award coming your way!) Savvy Saver 👇 Disco Kids |  It’ll Do Dallas Playgrounds? Meh. Grab your kids and hit the club! I’m not being absurd – It’ll Do in Dallas runs a recurring event that features a DJ playing clean music for a kid-friendly dance party. Open […]

  • Savvy Saver: The gluten-free foodie, hockey, yoga in the park but with a DJ….edition

      A food festival for those of us who are called “picky eaters” by the old codgers at family gatherings, hockey season is nigh and it’s affordable, and another festival if you’re they type who considers yoga pants business casual. Savvy Saver 👇 Dallas Nourished Festival | Sept. 7 – 8 Look, a “gluten-free, allergen-friendly and special diet” food festival might not seem like something you’d, you know, want to actually leave your house for. But you’re missing one key […]

  • Vote now for the Kim Dawson Model Search 2019!

    The Kim Dawson Model Search Is Back! The finalists have been picked and it’s time to vote for the CW33 Viewer’s Choice Finalist! For a complete timeline and list of prizes, visit here. The Kim Dawson Model Search 2019 is brought to you by the KD Conservatory. Timeline Submissions: Jul. 22 – Aug. 31 CW33 Call Back Finalist Voting: Sept. 1 – 20 Finalists Announced: Sept. 22 CW33 Viewer’s Choice Model Search Finalist Voting: Sept. 23 – Nov. 1 Vote […]

  • Savvy Saver: Dump the kids and take the dog to a water park, cheap nature, and cold sugary things

      In this week’s Savvy Saver, we’ve got something that will blow your dog’s mind, a way to get natural in DFW, and cheap sugary thrills. Get to it. Dog Days At Local Water Parks | Varied Dates If you have kids, chances are they’re back in school. Now is an opportunity to spend some quality 1:1 time with that person that really matters and “gets” you. Your dog. Several water parks around DFW host days dedicated for just dogs. […]

  • Savvy Saver: Sangrias in Deep Ellum, a free LeAnn Rimes concert, and a preseason bash!

      Nothing says “I’m in my late 20’s or early 30’s” like a wine walk, catch LeAnn Rimes for free, and yay it’s almost sportsball season! Here’s your Savvy Saver! Deep Ellum Wine Walk | August 15 Deep Ellum’s history is an ebb and flow of booms, busts, and the reactionary cacophony of people decrying or lauding each. Here’s your chance to revel in it’s current gentrification via the Discover Deep Ellum Wine Walk – Sangria Soirée! edition. According to […]

  • Want to make a difference in your community? 30 Days of Service gives you 30 ways to get involved!

    Alex Quian and Brady Boyd are completing 30 service projects in 30 days as a part of the 30 Days of Service initiative. Follow their journey below or on our social accounts as they show that its the little actions in a community that make a big difference. Read their full story here. Day 30 – Thank Your Coworkers and Supporters For our very final service project, we took the time to say thank you to each other by planning […]

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