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  • Savvy Saver: Go retro without the embarrassing fashion, Armenia in NTX, and channel your inner hillbilly

      Escape the mundane of the modernity, Armenia in Carrollton, and channel your inner hillbilly. Savvy Saver 👇 Retropalooza  | Oct. 19 – 20 I have a theory that the reason we’re often tugged towards the “retro” pop culture of our formative years is that it’s a chance to escape the mundane, yet profound, existential crises that is being an adult. Bills, work, other people’s drama, and scooping life’s metaphorical litter box daily ain’t got nuthin’ on….Donkey Kong. A celebration […]

  • The Pastor’s Corner: Season 1, Episode 1

    Pastor Noah Floyd sits down with Tyrone Crawford and Tyron Smith of the Dallas Cowboys to discuss faith, family, and football. The views and opinions expressed by The Pastor’s Corner are those of the content creator and do not necessarily reflect the views of CW33 KDAF-TV, The CW, or Nexstar Media.

  • We’re going old-school with the National Anthem! First up, Waco-native Kristen Kelly

    Sure, we may have TVs with technology that surpasses what NASA sends to Mars, but there’s no reason we can’t kick it old school sometimes. We’re taking it way back to the days in early TV history when stations used to play the Star-Spangled Banner at sign on and off, but this time we’re exposing you to some emerging talented songwriters! Our parent group, Nexstar Media, is partnering with BMI and Belmont University’s Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business […]

  • Savvy Saver: $5 movies tickets, Germany in the suburbs, and does anybody actually pay full price at the State Fair?

      Movie tickets that don’t require you to put up collateral, Germany in Southlake, and friends don’t let friends pay full price at the State Fair Of Texas. Savvy Saver 👇 $5 Movie Tickets  | Movie Tavern Remember when you could go see a movie and gorge on popcorn and sugary wax for under $15? Yeah, me either. Movie Tavern’s have a nice little not-secret secret. On Tuesdays, they offer $5 tickets in addition to concession deals. This is to […]

  • Savvy Saver: Autumn (but it’s so hot) wine walk in Bishop Arts, an international flight to Plano, and vaccinate your pet (cheaply)

      Let’s pretend it actually feels like autumn (the wine will help), get cultured in Plano, and yes – you’re an awful dog/cat parent for not vaccinating them but here’s how to get your life right. Savvy Saver 👇 Bishop Arts Autumn Wine Walk | Oct. 3rd Nothing says autumn is here more than a relaxing stroll in the neighborhood, sipping wine and enjoying the STILL OPPRESSIVELY HOT AIR OF FALL BECAUSE TEXAS AND THE WORLD IS ON FIRE. But […]

  • Design & Dine fuses art, food, and music for one night to help homeless children in Dallas

    CW33 Good partner Vogel Alcove is bringing art, food, music together to help homeless children in Dallas and there’s a special promotional discount for CW33 viewers (see below)! On October 7, the organization’s Design & Dine event will feature local artwork and designs, amazing food, interactive games, and more. Several local artists will be creating works live at the event that will be auctioned off as a fundraiser. Just buying at ticket to the event alone will make a huge […]

  • Join Veda from The Beat On 33 for A Day Of Inspiration and Gospel at the State Fair of Texas!

    For the 5th year in-a-row, A Day of Inspiration and Gospel comes to the State Fair Of Texas on Oct. 6! Join Veda from The Beat On 33 and artists such as Melvin Crispell III, Tye Tribbett, Gene Moore, and others! A Day of Inspiration and Gospel at the State Fair Of Texas 3:00 PM & 5:30 PM Sunday, October 6 For ticket discounts, use the code 2019GOSPEL at for $9 tickets or bring an empty Dr. Pepper can […]

  • Joaquin’s dad died in the line of duty, so dozens of police came to watch his first football game

    Mission, Texas, Police Cpl. Jose “Speedy” Espericueta couldn’t wait to watch his 13-year-old son play in his first football game. “The one thing he couldn’t stop talking about was Joaquin starting football this year,” Police Officer Javier Lara told CNN on Sunday. But Espericueta never got the chance. He was shot and killed in June, becoming the first Mission police officer to die in the line of duty in over 40 years. On Saturday, officers from across south Texas took […]

  • Savvy Saver: Free museums, Africa in DFW, and the one where you watched ‘Friends’ in a theater

      Several NTX museums are free on Museum Day, here’s a great reason to actually visit a mall, and you need more friends in your life. Savvy Saver 👇 Museum Day | Sept. 21 Only Too often, if you’re trying to get yer culturin’ and yer learnin’ on, you need a 2nd mortgage to go to a museum these days. That’s before the special exhibit ticket. Well, Smithsonian Magazine has you savvy saving. Sept. 21 is Museum Day, a one-day […]

  • Enter to win tickets to see FRIENDS on the big screen and celebrate the 25th anniversary!

      FRIENDS is celebrating 25 years and it’s coming to the big screen in Dallas! Enter to win 4 tickets to see FRIENDS in select theaters on Sept. 23, Sept. 28, or Oct. 2! Your friends are still there for you, 25 years later! Celebrate the milestone anniversary of the beloved sitcom, coming to the big screen for the first time ever!    

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