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  • Americans stuck in Haiti after riots break out

    PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI–We all remember the price hike at the pump after Hurricane Harvey, some of us were even lucky just to find gas. Well, things in Haiti turned ugly after the government raised gas prices so high, Haitians took to the streets in protest. Things got so bad that a group of Americans from Georgia who were there on a volunteer mission couldn’t leave the country. Pastor Jason Webb and his team have been there ministering, helping and feeding those […]

  • New threats arise in Thai soccer team rescue

    CHIANG RAI, THAILAND- Rescue efforts to free the trapped soccer team from a Thai cave have reached a mounting sense of urgency. With oxygen levels in the cave dropping and increased chances that monsoon rains will soon flood the area, divers are looking to act fast. Their options are also limited, either use a “dive buddy” system to help the boys dive out of the cave, or wait out the rains until October. While things look desperate, efforts to drain […]

  • McKinney pool party aimed to mend community relations

    MCKINNEY, TX-It’s been three years since the infamous McKinney pool party made a splash. In the video you can see former officer Eric Casebolt pining then 15-year-old Dajerria Becton to the ground after trying to break up a pool party. Now a settlement has been reached in favor of Beckton. She originally sued the city for $5 million but received a significantly smaller amount of $148,000. “Well the settlement was not the city settlement I think that needs to be […]

  • Twitter troll arrested on aggravated assault charges

    TARRANT CO., TX-What started as a bad tweet has now turned into an aggravated assault charge. Ameera Lewis tweeted this, saying she had the best “glo up” of the century. Well the “before” picture is actually a picture of Ameera Peterson, a 17-year-old with Down Syndrome. As you can imagine, people online were enraged. Even the real Ameera was upset over the tweet but it seems that trouble didn’t end there for the Twitter troll. Mansfield ISD police have released […]

  • Join the Club: Code Name: Mama empowers women during motherhood

    NORTH TEXAS-Being a mom is hard work, but Code Name: Mama is helping women connect on a deeper level. “Code Name: Mama was started by my sister Lauren and I and we wanted to do something that bridged the gap between stay at home moms and working moms,” said Carmen King, co-founder of Code Name: Mama. Although the sisters don’t live in the same state, they work together to empower women during one of their most memorable times in life, […]

  • Teacher who stopped school shooter released from hospital

    Nobelsville, IN–“After hearing more and more of what happened it sounds like the adult saved a lot of people and I hope and pray that he`s okay and I`d love to shake his hand,” said Brian Dyar, a parent at the latest school involved shooting. That adult is 29-year-old Jason Seaman, the Indiana science teacher credited with disarming a school shooter in Noblesville on Friday. He’s now out of the hospital after being shot three times in the abdomen, hip […]

  • North and South Korean presidents have surprise meeting

    KOREAN PENINSULA–Call it a meeting of the minds, on Saturday North and South Korean presidents met for a surprise meeting. This comes only two days after President Donald Trump called off the much anticipated summit meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. According to the South Korean presidency, the U.S./Korean summit was discussed during their impromptu meeting. The two Korean leaders met for a second time since April at a demilitarized zone for nearly two hours. On Friday, signs […]

  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tie the knot

    WINDSOR CASTLE-Prince Harry and Meghan Markle appearing for the first time as husband and wife rode in a carriage past adoring crowds. They made their way to the queen’s reception in St. George’s Hall where their 600 guests will enjoy this non-traditional lemon curd and elderflower cake designed by friend of the bride Claire Ptak Also breaking with tradition, a historic moment, Meghan Markle making most of the walk down the aisle alone. The American actress now has a new […]

  • Sweet Tooth Hotel sure to give you a sugar rush

    DALLAS–Something sweet is popping up in Victory Park in Dallas. The Sweet Tooth Hotel, created by Jencey and Cole Keeton is a magical art and retail pop-up shop. “We came up with this concept of the hotel where you check in and there`s all different rooms and we wanted to fuse the art and the retail part of it for Dallas,” said Keeton. This confection heaven is made up of five interactive rooms designed by Built by Bender, and features […]

  • Community rallies around Arlington single mother after house fire

    ARLINGTON–It’s something we never want to experience, on Tuesday, Nadine Beithelat, a single mother of two, discovered her home completely destroyed by a house fire. She’s lived in Arlington for about two years and moved to the Metroplex from Australia. Nadine is a special needs mom and her 13-year-old autistic son is having a difficult time after being displaced from the one place he feels safe. “It’s been very difficult because it’s thrown him off quite badly to be out […]