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  • Risking it all for a laugh: How Dallas Comedy House started and is changing lives

    We could all use a good laugh from time to time and thanks to one Dallas woman’s dream, audiences from around the country are enjoying comedy on the stage and in the classroom at the hottest comedy house in Dallas. “It’s not a secret that Dallas Comedy House is not just a random name, we wanted that house portion to feel like a second home for people” says Amanda Austin. Austin is the brain behind Dallas comedy house, a dream […]

  • Positive Times: Fort Worth entrepreneur looks to restore positivity to his community

    At some point we have all had a dream, a calling to do something we are passionate about. For one ft. Worth, texas man his calling has turned into an mission to restore positivity in his community. “I just had this hunger to start something that represented more of who I was.” Clay Patterson turned his hunger for something more, into a business designed to positively affect the way people think, live and impact society. “I had this entrepreneurial spirit. God […]

  • The road less traveled: Millennials opting for non-traditional career paths

    When it comes to careers, more and more young people are opting for jobs outside of the norm. Millennials especially, are choosing to forgo the traditional 9-5. They’re mixing it up when it comes to traditional career paths and Will Ammons and Skyler Grey are no exception. “We started off as three SMU students and after graduation we were looking for the next thing and we were kind of running parallel ventures and ice cream was the first one to […]

  • High fashion, low cost: Shopping vintage high fashion in Dallas

    When it comes to high end fashion, most of us can only dream of owning designer labels because with those high end labels, come high prices. But don’t worry stylist Alex Cohen and Vintage Martini shows us how you can have a sex and the city moment, without breaking the bank. “It doesn’t matter what the year is fashion is good fashion. We have Chanel from last year and we have Chanel from the 1950’s and we kind of help […]

  • Khanh Nguyen, Dallas-based fashion designer, takes you inside designer fashion

    When it comes to fashion, designer pieces are highly coveted and sought after, but what makes a designer piece so special? Fashion stylist Alex Cohen met up with the artist behind Nha Khanh to find out. “We really think that it is important to focus not only on the way that you dress, but how you present yourself to the world, but understanding why you are wearing a certain piece” says Khanh Nguyen, the designer behind Nha Khanh. Nha, a Vietnamese […]

  • Getting ready for seasonal parties and get-togethers? Here are some event planning tips from the pros

    With the holidays right around the corner many of us will be planning parties and get-togethers, but often times prepping meals, hiring caterers and even knowing where to start can be downright stressful. We met up with the crew at Hyatt Regency Hotel to get some insider tips. “When you are creating a menu for your event is to really think about your attendees. Think about their expectations. Think about how you can exceed their expectations” says Amy McIntosh, Associate […]

  • How to nail the perfect shot: Dallas photographer Scott Slusher on capturing those amazing photos

    We all want those Instagram worthy shots – perfect exposure, perfect framing. Down right swoon worthy. And the good news, you don’t have to be a pro. “I didn’t go to photography school” says Dallas photographer Scott Slusher. “My mother-in-law bought me a photography book at a garage sale. I read the book and then I applied it.” That’s right. Scott slusher, an authentic lifestyle photographer captures breathtaking images like these – no degree photography needed. In fact he was […]

  • Does winter get you down? Here are budget friendly winter travel ideas to beat the blues

    Winter will be here before we know it and if the winter blues typically get you down, why not plan a budget friendly winter getaway! For the adventurous book a ticket to Idaho! Town’s like Idaho’s Sun Valley are a great place to hit the slopes without breaking the bank. Here you can avoid the crowds and the high price tag that come with ski destinations like Colorado and Utah. And true to it’s name Sun Valley experiences year-round sunshine […]

  • From holiday parties to the red carpet, here are 3 dress options to get you through the season

    Let’s talk dress up. Gala season and holiday parties are getting ready to get ramped up and you’ll need something to wear! Long, short and trendy. The gala and holiday invites are already starting to roll in, but what do you wear? Fashion stylist Alexandria Cohen took us on a shopping trip and picked three outfits for every occasion. Velvet Dress Today we have this velvet dress. Velvet is so in right now. Add a fun earring, one of a […]

  • Microblading can get you those trendy big brows, but there are also risks involved

    Let’s talk eyebrows. Like fashion, brow trends come and go. Back in the day we plucked them out, because thin brows were all the rage, but today thick full brows are in demand. Microblading is the hottest trend of the past few years. Thick, full eyebrows are all the rage in 2018. And thanks to microblading we can all achieve that red carpet brow the celebs are loving. “It’s such a natural effect. We basically create an effect of hair […]

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