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  • Cohen recorded Trump discussing payment to ex-Playboy model

    The FBI is in possession of a recording between President Donald Trump and his former personal attorney Michael Cohen in which the two men prior to the election discuss a payment to a former Playboy model who has alleged an affair with Trump, Rudy Giuliani and a source familiar with the matter told CNN Friday. Cohen has other recordings of the President in his records that were seized by the FBI, said both a source with knowledge of Cohen’s tapes […]

  • 27 reported tornadoes rip through Iowa

      Several tornadoes tore through Iowa, overturning cars, flattening homes and leaving people injured. There were 27 reports of tornadoes in the state Thursday, CNN meteorologist Brandon Miller said. The exact number will be released by the National Weather Service when it surveys the damage. One reported tornado hit a company in Pella town, about 40 miles from Des Moines, sending at least seven people from Vermeer Corporation to hospital with injuries. The company, which manufactures industrial and agricultural equipment, […]

  • An entire Houston medical school class will get free tuition thanks to an anonymous $3 million donation

    Students at the University of Houston’s new medical school won’t need to worry about tuition. It’s paid for. An anonymous donor gifted $3 million dollars to the Texas university — enough to pay the full tuition of all 30 students who will be the medical school’s first class when it opens in 2020. “Student debt is the number one deterrent for students when applying to medical school,” said Renu Khator, president of the University of Houston in a news release. “This […]

  • Americans can legally download 3-D printed guns starting next month

    Gun-rights activists have reached a settlement with the government that will allow them to post 3-D printable gun plans online starting August 1. The settlement ends a multi-year legal battle that started when Cody Wilson, who describes himself as a post-left anarchist, posted plans for a 3-D printed handgun he called “The Liberator” in 2013. The single-shot pistol was made almost entirely out of of ABS plastic — the same stuff they make Lego bricks out of — that could […]

  • Starbucks to open sign language store

    American coffee megachain Starbucks has announced it’s planning to open a branch where every employee is proficient in American Sign Language. .@Starbucks to open first U.S. signing store https://t.co/6zeLMymzfA pic.twitter.com/jnWoz0J7wl — Starbucks News (@Starbucksnews) July 19, 2018 Want to go? Then you’ll need to travel to Washington, DC, which is home to Gallaudet University, the world’s only liberal arts institution of higher learning for the deaf. It is due to open in October 2018. Specifically, the branch will be at 6th and H streets, close […]

  • Experimental blood test could detect melanoma skin cancer early, study finds

    Australian researchers have developed an experimental blood test they say is the first blood test capable of detecting melanoma — an aggressive form of skin cancer — in its early stages with a high degree of accuracy. The test could speed up the diagnosis process, saving thousands of lives. Scientists at Edith Cowan University in Western Australia tested blood samples for the antibodies typically created by the immune system in response to melanoma and identified them with significant accuracy. Antibodies […]

  • Secret Service agent dies after suffering stroke on the job

    A United States Secret Service agent died after suffering a stroke while supporting President Donald Trump’s trip to Scotland over the weekend, the Secret Service said Wednesday. The 42-year-old agent, who is now being identified as Special Agent Noel E. Remagen, was working on protection for national security adviser John Bolton on the midnight shift when he was found to be unresponsive by colleagues at Trump’s Turnberry resort Saturday night. Remagen was quickly attended to by a White House doctor […]

  • Officials uncover numerous remains of bodies believed to be slaves outside of Houston

    SUGARLAND, TX – Nearly 100 graves were found at a school construction site in Sugarland, Texas, right outside of Houston. “It’s huge, it’s unprecedented,” Archaeological Project Manger Reign Clark said. “This will change our understanding of the convict labor system that was used all over the state.” More than a century after their deaths the abuse is still obvious by the chains they wore and tools they worked with. Their bodies reflect their stories. “When you do activity over and […]

  • Texas inmate expresses his love to victim’s family before he is executed

    Despite objections from the victim’s family, Texas executed death row inmate Christopher Young, 34, on Tuesday. He was pronounced dead at 6:38 p.m., according to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Texas has executed eight inmates, the most of any state this year. Before Young’s execution, there had been 12 people put to death in the United States this year, according to the Death Penalty Information Center. The victim’s family opposed the execution of Young, who at age 21 shot Hasmukh Patel, […]

  • MGM Resorts denies liability for Las Vegas shooting, asks courts for protection from lawsuits

    The owner of the Mandalay Bay hotel says it bears no liability in last year’s Las Vegas concert massacre and is asking the courts to extend it federal protections that shield companies who provide anti-terrorism products and services to civilians. MGM Resorts International, facing a barrage of lawsuits over the shooting, responded Friday by naming more than 1,000 of the shooting victims as defendants in two lawsuits of its own. The entertainment giant is not seeking monetary damages but, citing […]