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  • Pump the Brakes: Twitter reacts to Trump fist pumping before attending 9/11 memorial

    JOHNSTOWN, PA — September 11 is supposed to be a day we never forget, but a lot of people are wishing they could forget this. On his way to a memorial for the passengers of Flight 93 in Pennsylvania, President Donald Trump greeted a group of supporters at the airport. .@realDonaldTrump First Lady Melania Trump greet supporters as they arrive in Johnstown, PA to attend the Flight 93 September 11 Memorial Service in Shanksville, PA — Doug Mills (@dougmillsnyt) September […]

  • Cartoon of Serena Williams at U.S. Open being called racist

    NEW YORK, NY — Serena Williams finished the U.S. Open final in tears, but it wasn’t because she won that shiny trophy! Over the weekend, Williams was squaring off against Japan’s Naomi Osaka, but in the middle of the game the umpire gave Williams a warning after noticing her coach was doing a little, well, coaching in the stands, which isn’t allowed but is rarely punished. “I was 100% coaching” says Patrick, Serena’s coach. “Everyone does it, it’s time to […]

  • Robbins Brothers in Dallas helps man pull off surprise proposal

    DALLAS — Joshua Gamel and Dakotah Hawk are like your typical couple in love. They were casually looking for engagement rings, when all of a sudden he drops down on one knee! “I had no idea!” Dakotah told NewsFix after her new fiance popped the question. “He actually assured me that this was not happening today!” “I told her after…our first date, I texted her and told her ‘I’m calling it right now, I think we’re going to get married’,” […]

  • Dallas family meets man who received son’s donated heart

    DALLAS — It’s not easy losing a loved one, but one thing that helps ease the pain is being able to hear them one last time. The Brock family lost their son, Braxton, in 2017 when he was just 21-years-old. Braxton was on his motorcycle when a pick-up hit him and drove away in Plano. Unfortunately, he died a few days later, but part of him lives on. “We miss him every day, but we’re proud to know that even […]

  • Frisco woman uses plastic bags to make mats for the homeless

    FRISCO — You know what they say: teamwork makes the dream work! That’s exactly what one woman in Frisco is doing to help the homeless catch a few Z’s. “My husband is my cutter and my connector because he does all the strips. He cuts them and he connects them for me [and] gets them ready for me to crochet,” Sharon Weeks explained. Sharon and a group of women from her church create mats for the homeless so they don’t […]

  • Plano doctor says women deserve less pay because they ‘do not work as hard’

    PLANO — Somebody grab the Advil. We’re going to need it for this headache. You might’ve already heard about Dr. Gary Tigges from Plano Internal Medicine Associates. He’s the one whose “diagnosis” in the Dallas Medical Journal about the gender wage gap said, “Female physicians do not work as hard.” If anyone knows Dr. Gary Tigges in Plano, TX, please tell him that he’s just pissed off a few thousand HARD WORKING women physicians. Because, you know, quotes like this […]

  • #TrustBlackWomen: Dallas abortion billboard claps back

    DALLAS — It looks like a billboard battle is brewing. A month ago, we told you about a pastor and his billboard message on abortion that read “Abortion is not health care. It hurts women and murders their babies.” “It sparked anger in me,” Marsha Jones from The Afiya Center told NewsFix. “It is shaming, it is stigmatizing, it’s trying to control women’s reproductive choices.” The Afiya Center clapped back at the original billboard with one of their own that says: […]

  • Roy Oliver’s mom says both families are ‘living their own version of hell’

    DALLAS — Roy Oliver’s fate has been sealed without the chance of parole. Question is: how long will he sit in jail? Emotions were running high during the sentencing phase of former Balch Springs Officer Roy Oliver, who shot and killed 15-year-old Jordan Edwards back in 2017. “What do you think is appropriate for someone who murders a 15-year old unarmed teenager?” the prosecution asked Roy’s mother, Linda Oliver. “I believe we have to look at the full situation, the […]

  • Man becomes millionaire with contract written on scrap paper from Dallas hotel

    DALLAS — Two men walk into a bar, but instead of making a drink, they made a deal. No, this isn’t the start of a joke! A couple of guys agreed to go into business together over dinner. The terms were set in stone, or rather some hotel stationery, and the rest is history. The note read, “Three year contract, $100,000, company car, benefits, and then it says 2% of option and that’s essentially the 2% equity deal.” In plain English, […]

  • Gov. Greg Abbott wants to pay Texas teachers a six-figure salary

    DALLAS — They say those who can’t do, teach. But, that might not be such a bad thing, especially when you consider what Governor Greg Abbott, who made his way to the Big D to talk school and resources, is trying to do. He wants to put more money into schools by putting a little extra green in the teacher’s pockets! “A better system, I suggest, is one that will reward the very best teachers who achieve very good results […]

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