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  • Three passengers taken to hospital after plane crash at Addison Airport

    ADDISON — A plane carrying three people on board has crashed at Addison Airport. Police say the plane crashed on the taxiway shortly after takeoff. According to witnesses, at least one passenger was airlifted out of the wreckage, and police say all three passengers were taken to the hospital. Their conditions are currently unknown.

  • Dak mural goes from the ‘Sunken Place’ to a Fort Worth art gallery

    FORT WORTH — It isn’t the sequel to Get Out, but it is part two of a North Texas artist’s rendition of Dallas’ Q.B.! The mural of Dak Prescott in the “Sunken Place” has gotten almost as much attention as #4 saying he wasn’t going to kneel for the national anthem. They made a sunken place mural of Dak Prescott 😂 — Abdul Memon (@abdulamemon) August 4, 2018 Not all talk is good talk, though. The paint was barely […]

  • Phoney Call: Plano Police say that lottery call is a scam!

    PLANO — An old scam is getting some new attention and police in North Texas are warning people: don’t believe that mess! The Plano Police Department tweeted out a video warning people of fake phone calls or emails claiming they’ve hit the jackpot. I am sure many of you have received that call or email saying you just won the lottery. This week's Safety Minute discusses the Lottery Scam that unfortunately, some folks have fallen for. #CrimePreventionTips #LotteryScam — […]

  • Dallas cite-and-release results have officials questioning effectiveness

    DALLAS — Dallas’ cite-and-release program is less than a year old, but it’s got city officials on the fence over whether or not police should be doing it at all! Back in December 2017, the cite-and-release program came to be where anyone caught with less than four ounces of pot will get a ticket. It’s not a “get out of jail free card,” but it does save the offender a trip to the slammer. According to the Dallas Police Department, out […]

  • $1 million probably isn’t enough for retirement in Texas

    DALLAS — Let’s be honest, many of us long for the days of retirement! But, how much do you have to save so you don’t have to work anymore? A cool million sounded about right not that long ago, but now not so much, even if you live in Texas. According to GoBankingRates, when it comes to the best states to retire, Texas falls at number ten if you factor in food, housing, transportation, and healthcare. All of which would be […]

  • Dallas Police Department putting more cameras on officers and in the streets

    DALLAS — In this day and age, police body cam footage can make or break a case, and for the Dallas Police Department, more accountability is on the horizon! “Ultimately, we would like anybody that serves in any kind of capacity, where they’re out and having contact with the public, to have the ability to use a body camera,” Executive Assistant Chief David Pughes said. That’s right, DPD is stepping up their camera game and implementing even more body cameras. […]

  • Austin considering renaming city because of founder’s ties to slavery

    AUSTIN — Can you “Keep Austin Weird” if it’s not Austin anymore? That’s right, the Texas capital may be getting a name change! “We don’t really think about it as ‘Oh wow, that’s a Confederate name.’ We’re just going to look at it as Austin,” Malachi Al-Zuraqi said. “At the end of the day it’s still history.” A little history lesson, the City of Austin was founded by Stephen F. Austin who was pro-slavery back in the day. Fast forward to […]

  • A homeless man handing out resumes in Silicon Valley gets more than 200 offers

    After standing on a street corner and asking strangers for employment, one homeless man in Silicon Valley has been overwhelmed by job offers. David Casarez, a college graduate in his 20s, was spotted holding a sign that read, “Homeless hungry 4 success take a resume.” He was handing out his resume to motorists in Mountain View, California — where Google is headquartered — and hoping to make a job connection. Casarez moved to California several months ago, seeking a job […]

  • Plano nurse receives award for her role on night of Richardson officer’s death

    PLANO — It’s been months since Richardson Police Officer David Sherrard was shot and killed in the line of duty. Officer Sherrard’s time was cut too short, but he touched many lives, including the people in the emergency room on that fateful night. “I have to say it was the worst shift of my career thus far and will probably be the worst ever,” Nurse Kim Adams from Medical City Plano said. Adams, who is also a wife of an […]

  • Did You Know?: Spilling the tea on Millennials

    AUSTIN, TX — Most Millennials think the struggle is real. Here’s why: According to, studies may say Millennials are bad tippers, but it may be because they’re broke! Did you know the people born between 1981 and 1996 make around $10,000 less than what their parents were earning at the same age? Apparently, they’re making a median income of $40,581 a year, which is about 20% less than what their mom or dad were making in the 80s. Just another […]