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  • Spice of Blythe: New Year, New Booze!

    DALLAS — Here at the Spice of Blythe, you know we like to (responsibly!) enjoy an adult beverage from time to time, and soon we’ll have the best excuse of them all – New Year’s Eve! But NYE isn’t just an excuse to drink, it’s also a time for resolutions and finding ways to better our lives. In that spirit, we thought we’d give you some great ways to improve those cocktails you’re already enjoying, and to take it to […]

  • Southern Baptist Convention votes to formally condemn the “alt-right” movement

    PHOENIX — One of the biggest religious organizations in the country voted to formally denounce a nationwide political movement this week, thanks in part to a pastor from North Texas. Pastor Dwight McKissic, from Arlington’s Cornerstone Baptist Church, said in an address to the Southern Baptist Convention in Phoenix, “I am asking that the Southern Baptist Convention would go on record to abate darkness.” The darkness in question? The so-called “alternative right.” The alt-right, of course, is an extreme right-wing group […]

  • Dallas City Council approves big changes for dog owners

    DALLAS — The Dallas City Council took steps on Wednesday to address the city’s dog problem. “It isn’t that we have too many pets,” said Council member Sandy Greyson. “It’s that we have animals on the street that aren’t owned, and that they’re loose out there.” And that can become a safety issue.  That’s what happened last summer, when 52-year-old Antoinette Brown was killed by stray dogs in South Dallas. The city is facing a $5 million lawsuit over Brown’s death, and […]

  • Spice of Blythe: Drink Your Vegetables!

    DALLAS — Summer’s here and the time is right for… Juicing? Yeah, I bet you never thought you’d hear me say that! But everybody knows vegetables are good for your health and juicing is a great way to get more of them into your diet. AND it’s a great opportunity to get something else into your diet – and this one won’t surprise you. Yep, we’re talkin’ booze! So, say you have a nice orange and mango smoothie going on.  Why […]

  • Good To Go: New Dallas brew aims to help military veterans

    DALLAS — A Dallas organization is on a mission to help military veterans and it has recruited a local brewery to help. Clifford Sosamon and Urshel Metcalf – two Marine veterans – are part of a group called Honor, Courage, Commitment, or HCC. “What we want to provide is an opportunity and a platform for veterans to be able to connect to their passion and their purpose in life,” Metcalf said, “and find that next mission – something that gives […]

  • Spice of Blythe: Come home to great food!

    DALLAS — We recently had some bad news in my family: my mom was stuck in the hospital for a whole week.  She’s home now, and doing much better, but one of the things I realized while we were waiting was just how depressing hospital food is! The cafeteria, those little trays. Ugh! So if you or a loved one is looking for some good options to help recover from that awful food once you’re home from the hospital, I’ve […]

  • Colony Casanova Caught: Alleged online conman arrested in North Texas

    THE COLONY — It’s game over for an online conman, and he may be in hotter water than he expected. Last week we told you about Derek Alldred, whose apparent nationwide crime spree had landed him an arrest warrant from The Colony in North Texas. “What his thing is,” explained TCPD Officer Kyle Koiner in a Facebook video video, “is he likes to get on dating sites, meet women, and then scam them out of their money.  Sometimes acting as a […]

  • 1000 acres of action: DFW’s newest attraction opens in Midlothian

    MIDLOTHIAN — North Texas has a brand new attraction, and it’s a big one.  It’s in Midlothian, and it’s called TexPlex. “TexPlex is a multi-attraction facility,” explained founder and president Tommy Kehoe, “where we offer thrill rides and recreational parks.” Did he mention it’s over 1,000 acres??  Yeah, it takes a lot of space to fit all this stuff. There’s a jet boat! “It’s got a 6.2 direct-injected Chevy motor, what you’d find pretty much in a Corvette is what […]

  • Police in North Texas on the lookout for alleged online dating con man

    THE COLONY — He’s a convicted felon with a trail of victims that criss-crosses country, and now cops are looking for him in North Texas. His name is Derek Alldred. Police in The Colony issued an arrest warrant for him this week. They posted a video about him on Facebook, too. “What his thing is,” explains TCPD Officer Kyle Koiner in the video, “is he likes to get on dating sites, meet women, and then scam them out of their […]

  • Tackle the Future: Robotic tackling dummies make football practice safer, more high-tech

    DALLAS — They deliver packages, build cars, mow lawns, and even perform Shakespeare. Frankly, it’s only a matter of time before robots try to take over the planet completely. So it’s a good thing there’s an elite team of humans at Bishop Lynch High School getting ready to fight back. The BLHS football team has been practicing against the Mobile Virtual Player Drive, a robotic tackling dummy with moves that simulate a real player. “15-17 miles per hour,” said Kevin […]

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