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  • Willie Nelson faces backlash for upcoming performance at Beto O’Rourke campaign rally

    AUSTIN, TX– Stepping into the world of politics can be synonymous with stepping onto a battle field. That`s what country music star Willie Nelson, 85, found out this week after it was announced he will headline an upcoming rally in Austin for Beto O`Rourke, the Democratic challenger in the Texas senate race against incumbent Sen. Ted Cruz. Many fans took to the Country crooner’s Facebook page where the backlash was fast and furious. “That’s it. I’m done. What a disappointment,” one […]

  • Denton County man arrested days after he was caught on cam ripping down flag outside courthouse

    DENTON COUNTY– The Denton County Sheriff’s Office is asking the public for help in catching a man captured on surveillance video doing the unthinkable. Police released the footage of a man ripping down the national flag outside the Denton County Courthouse, Monday, and then tossing it in the middle of traffic. Matthew Emerson Reynolds, 29, is the alleged perpetrator who is no stranger to police. His rap sheet includes criminal trespass and lying to police. Police say he now faces  a […]

  • Alex Trebek debuts beard on Jeopardy, creates social media firestorm

    NEW YORK, NY– Jeopardy star Alex Trebek is known for having a smooth voice, and, well, a smooth face. During the game show`s 35th season premiere on Monday, however, many viewers were shocked to see Trebek sporting a fully grown beard, complete with a mustache and side burns. The hair-raising image quickly hit the web and sent social media into a frenzy. One viewer wrote on Facebook, “Looks great on him. Alex has always been on point. Flawless at every […]

  • FDA issues warning against chemically-laced E-cigs and cereal

    SILVER SPRING, MD– Electronic cigarettes or E-cigs have long been touted as a less harmful alternative for smokers who struggle to kick the habit. In the past few years, they`ve even become a must-have item for many tweens and teens, and have been marketed on popular t-v shows, including The Simpsons. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says vaping isn`t really a cool thing, and is threatening to blow them off the market. Here`s why. Some E-cigs come in fruity […]

  • Red Cross in Dallas, Fort Worth steps up to help North Carolina ahead of Hurricane Florence

    NORTH TEXAS– Red Cross volunteers in Dallas and Fort Worth are coming together to embrace North Carolina residents as they brace for category four Hurricane Florence. “I would want somebody to do this for us if the table was turned,” Volunteer Cathy Sager told NewsFix. With heavy rains and wind gusts up to 140 mph, the mega storm is expected to pack a powerful punch when it makes landfall, Thursday. As many as two dozen volunteers are braving the conditions to take […]

  • North Texans observe 9/11 with pomp and pageantry

    NEW YORK, NY — On a gloomy Tuesday morning, North Texans joined the rest of the nation to remember 9/11. In pomp and pageantry, the Prosper Fire Department rolled out the bagpipes during a solemn service at the newly opened town hall. Marking the 17th anniversary of the terror attacks, Fire Chief Ronnie Tucker vowed never to forget. “It is my hope that in the months and years ahead, life will return to almost normal,” said Tucker at the podium. […]

  • Dallas Cop ‘Mistakenly’ Enters Man’s Apartment and Shoots Him to Death, Police Say

    DALLAS– The Dallas Police Department is asking for outside help after one of their own shot and killed a man, Thursday night, in a case they are calling a total mistake. “We want to be, and we will be, as transparent in this investigation as we can be,” said Police Chief U. Renee Hall in a press conference, Friday. Police say the unnamed officer left work after a full shift and entered a neighbor`s which she thought was her own. At […]

  • Washington Teen Who Pushed Friend Off Bridge Makes First Court Appearance

    VANCOUVER, WA– Tay`lor Smith, 18, appeared in court, Friday, to answer to a charge of reckless endangerment after she pushed her friend 60 feet off a bridge, last month. The incident was caught on video and became a viral sensation, made national headlines and was debated round-the-clock by law pundits. Smith pleaded not guilty, maintaining her argument that she did not intend to cause harm when she pushed Jordan Holgerson, 16, off the Moulton Falls bridge and into the Lewis […]

  • Century-old Highland Park Soda Fountain to Close its Doors for Good

    HIGHLAND PARK– After more than a century of serving up its iconic milkshakes and grilled cheese sandwiches, the Highland Park Soda Fountain will flow no more. The 106-year-old iconic fast food joint with its signature far-stretching counter and round stools will fold up and close up its Knox Street location, Sunday. “It is closing at this point for redevelopment,” Co-owner Gretchen M. Williams told NewsFix. “They’re redeveloping this whole Knox area.” You can blame the city’s changing landscape. Developers say the […]

  • Lockheed Martin Job Fair Draws Hundreds of Applicants in Fort Worth

    FORT WORTH — Are you in pursuit of a job? Four-hundred positions were up for grabs at aeronautics company Lockheed Martin on July 30 during a job fair in downtown Fort Worth. “I’m just looking for something to better provide for my family,” job candidate Donte Washington told Newsfix. “I’m  just happy and excited about going through this process to get hired on.” New data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows there are more job openings in the country than […]

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