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DALLAS (KDAF) — Having a plate of food for dinner will usually always have a protein some veggies and a starch, there’s nothing better than a nicely cooked steak alongside some mashed potatoes and green beans. Especially if it’s cooked in Texas.

Well, now’s the time to get your meat-loving self to a steakhouse ASAP as January is National Meat Month! “Restaurants may feature special dishes throughout the month to celebrate fresh cuts of meat and their signature preparations.

“National Meat Month is an opportunity to celebrate the rich diversity of meat and meat-based dishes found across the country, as well as the robust meat industry that feeds the majority of the population,” National Today said.

So, when it comes to the best steakhouses in the country we checked out TastingTable’s report for your eating pleasure. They ranked the 20 best steakhouses in America, “The best steakhouses in the United States combine skill, preparation, and respect for local ingredients to create memorable dining experiences that you’ll be thinking about for days (or even weeks) to come. From diners to high-end fusion restaurants, these steak joints will leave you craving more.”

Here are the top steakhouses in the Lone Star State that made the list, and boy oh boy do you know how to cook some meat:

  • No. 8 Knife Steakhouse – Dallas
  • No. 12 Guard and Grace – Houston
  • No. 17 Estancia Brazilian Steakhouse – Austin
  • No. 19 B&B Butchers & Restaurant – Fort Worth & Houston