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DALLAS (KDAF) – While everyone is so heavily focused on french fries, there’s a potato dish that could be falling by the wayside that we need not let happen, tater tots are on the most underrated sides in the history of food.

We’re ensuring tater tots are at the forefront of everyone’s minds as Thursday, February 2 is National Tater Tot Day! “Potato rounds, potato puffs, tater puffs, potato cylinders, potato nuggets, potato croquettes, baby taters. That’s right — potato cylinders,” National Today lists off other names for tater tots.

While regular tater tots are wonderful, there are some tots around the country that are coveted for their uniqueness and incredible flavor, but where can you find them? We checked out a report from Tasting Table on America’s most unique tater tot dishes.

Of course, a Texas restaurant made the list and Austin’s Tiki Tatsu-ya is serving up some Taro Tots.

“Along with jackfruit kushikatsu, mango on the half shell, and mushroom musubi, this includes a colorful twist on tots in the form of Taro Tots. Using taro, a root vegetable stems native to Southeast Asia that’s known for its purple hue, the tots achieve a vibrant color that looks more like a blueberry pie than your typical tots.

“Served in perfect cubes, they arrive with a fermented coconut ranch dipping sauce flecked with nori and togarashi for a condiment that delves deeper than ketchup,” the report said.