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DALLAS (KDAF) — Texas barbecue, is one of the top cuisines in America, and of course, every region, state, and city has its claim to be the best.

However, Lawnstarter has put together a list of 2022’s Best BBQ Cities in America and some of their findings could very well come as a surprise! “What are the key ingredients of the best BBQ city? Award-winning barbecue restaurants, experience hosting a “master-level” competition, multiple barbecue festivals, and high ratings, among others.”

First, let’s take a look at the top Texas cities that cracked the list!

  • Austin (8)
  • Houston (10)
  • Lubbock (21)
  • Plano (45)
  • San Antonio (50)
  • Laredo (57)
  • Corpus Christi (63)
  • Midland (66)
  • Dallas (75)
  • Killeen (100)
  • Amarillo (102)
  • Garland (104)
  • Brownsville (107)
  • Fort Worth (110)
  • Arlington (119)

Here’s what Lawnstarter said about the Texas BBQ scene, “The Lone Star State is known for having distinct regional BBQ styles, but which Texas cities will leave you feeling full as a tick?

Austin (No. 8) smoked its way to our top 10 thanks to stellar access to BBQ spots, as did Houston (No. 10) for securing one of the highest numbers of BBQ awards. Further down the list, Lubbock (No. 21) fell behind in Quality (No. 125) but earned extra points for previously Hosting (No. 2) barbecue competitions.

While Dallas (No. 75) BBQ has won several awards, steer clear of suburbs Grand Prairie (No. 177), Irving (No. 173), and Frisco (No. 172). These cities landed on the burnt ends of our ranking, lacking access to the quality ’cue that Texans love.”

Finally, we’ll leave this article with the top 10 BBW cities in America:

  1. St. Louis
  2. Kansas City
  3. Chicago
  4. Springfield
  5. Orlando
  6. Overland Park
  7. Kansas City (KS)
  8. Austin
  9. Chattanooga
  10. Houston