Savvy Saver: Drop the kids off at the club, get a regrettable tattoo you’ve always wanted, and drink wine (parent-of-the-year edition)


Take your kid to a club, get that tattoo you’ll have absolutely no regrets about whatsoever, and guzzle wine like your a Game of Thrones character (ie parent of the year award coming your way!)

Savvy Saver 👇


Disco Kids |  It’ll Do Dallas

Playgrounds? Meh.

Grab your kids and hit the club!

I’m not being absurd – It’ll Do in Dallas runs a recurring event that features a DJ playing clean music for a kid-friendly dance party. Open to kids 13 and younger, the party includes a light-up dance floor, mobile photo booth, face painting and snacks.

Savvy Savings: $5 per kid, parents are free.




Dallas Tattoo Expo | Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas | Sept. 13 – 15

We’re just telling you about it. What you have permanently inked into your epidermis is all on you.

Well…here’s one suggestion:

Savvy Savings: $25 for the



A Doctors prescription to drink more wine.

Grapefest | Sept. 12 – 15

If you’re a fan of the ol’ fermented grape juice, then by now you’re well aware of the annual Grapefest in Grapevine that celebrates mommy’s liquid medicine.

This year is also the 33rd….coincidence?

Savvy Savings: Only $8 entry


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