Savvy Saver: Don’t settle for questionable summer swim spots, plus Latinos in comic books!

Fight off the oppressive tyranny that is the Texas summer and dive into the world of Latino comic book creators and fans.

Savvy Saver is here to push you into the cheap end of the pool.


Panther Island Pavilion

Sunday Funday | Panther Island Pavilion | June 30 – Sept. 1

In prepping for a pool-heavy Savvy Saver, I had a week’s worth of witty one-liners about the absurd heat we’re experiencing in North Texas, complete with esoteric references to Dante’s Inferno to make to me appear well read.

And then we got a summer “cool” front. Fear not, just because it’s 95 degrees instead of 163 doesn’t mean you can’t stew in a pool somewhere. After all, it’s still summer and we’re ignoring global warming like it’s our credit card bills.

First up, is Sunday Funday at Panther Island Pavilion.

The series takes place every Sunday in the summer and is very laid-back and family-friendly. Tubes and pedal boats will be available for rent along with kayaks, stand up paddle boards and canoes from Backwoods. Cold beer and loaner ice chests are also available at the Loco Lobos Container Bar.

Savvy Savings: Tube rental is only $5, and parking is free.


Texas Latino Comic Con | Latino Cultural Center |  July 27

Mainstream comics have had some troubles over the years matching the diversity of their readership. It’s getting better, but there’s still work to be done.

Which is why this event is not only important, it just sounds awesome.

This comic convention highlights Latino artists, writers, and creators in the comic book community.

The convention will feature local artistic talent, a Latino character centered cosplay contest, and special guests.

Savvy Savings: FREE!


Photo: Texas Pool Foundation

Shark Week | The Texas Pool | July 28

WHAT!? There’s a huge Texas-shaped pool in Plano!?

Yeah and IT’S BEEN THERE FOR 58 YEARS. I mean, was Plano even around 58 years ago? How is this news to us?

Anyway, to make things more awesome, starting July 28 they’re having Shark Week which will feature “special promotions and fishy fun all week long. Enjoy visits from Pirates, Mermaids, Mermen, and other sea creatures.”

Savvy Savings: Only $10, which supports the Texas Pool Foundation, the non-profit that keeps the thing going.


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