Savvy Saver: Bowling, a real Cinco de Mayo, and concert tickets without the extra fees equal to a small nation’s GDP

This week we’ll show you how to affordably skip the “Margarita, Inc.” Cinco de Mayo experience, go bowling and preserve your secret runaway money, and buy a big name concert ticket without the added fees that are equivalent to the GDP of a small nation.

Get savvy.


Cinco De Mayo Festival | Garland | May 5

Looking forward to another Cinco de Mayo spent at [insert generic corporate Tex-mex chain restaurant name here] that’s having some sort of [insert generic margarita name here] blow-out?

Nothing against those places, really. But…yawn.

This is Texas. We have a rich, vibrant Hispanic culture. We can do better. We have to do better.

Actually, Garland has been doing pretty good for going on 7 years!

For the 7th year, the city is hosting the Cinco de Mayo festival on the square in downtown Garland.

Savvy Savings: Free entry (beware, the food options will undoubtedly be amazing so budget accordingly)



$7 Dollar Activities | Main Event

Parents, we’re really trying to do you a solid this summer, while the kids are out of school, by finding things that can preserve both your sanity and that secret savings account you have. You know, the one you setup if/when you crack under the pressure of modern life and decide to disappear, living the rest of your days in obscurity in some unknown South American coastal town, sporting incognito yet stylish mustaches or aviator glasses. We know.

Main Event is running their $7 Per Activity, Play All Day promotion. It’s 7 bowling, $7 laser tag, $7 billiards and more. Any activity, all day for just $7.

Savvy Savings: Surprise….$7



National Concert Week | Live Nation | May 1 – 7

If you’ve been to a concert recently, you know how expensive it’s gotten.

Actually, I mean if you’ve thought about going to a concert recently…because no person of average means can afford to go when a $60 ticket magically turns into a $140 ticket after taxes, services fees, processing fees, fee fees, daring to exist fees, etc.

For a week at least, it might not be so bad. In celebration of National Concert Week, Live Nation is running a special promo with select tickets in DFW.

Savvy Savings: $20 all-in tickets!


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