Cardi B suing bloggers for saying she’s a ‘Grammy nominated prostitute’, used drugs when pregnant

Cardi B is suing a couple of bloggers for talking smack about baby Kulture.
The bloggers names are Latasha K. and Star Marie Jones, and Carbi B accusing them of making false allegations about her sex life, and supposed drug use.
Cardi claims that Latasha, one of the bloggers, was out here telling people that her daughter Kulture may have suffered an intellectual disability because Cardi was high on drugs, when she gave birth, allegedly.
And then the other blogger that she suing, Star Marie, referred to Cardi as a 'Grammy nominated prostitute running around, spreading STDs.'
Of course Cardi B is denying all of these allegations and she made it very clear that she’s never been a prostitute, never taken any drugs like cocaine or ecstasy and she has never had an STD.
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