GoodFIT: Torso mobility for the desk jockey

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We're partnering with James Fisher Jr. of Mission Fit Fitness to bring you CW33's GoodFIT. Our goal? To get you moving and feeling good!

We're covering mobility, and now it's time to address the torso.

These might seem basic, but if you think about how often you're not moving and flexing the trunk and torso, you'll realize how vital these are.

These movements will help loosen up your hip flexors, lower back, and even the sciatica.

Torso Stretch #1

  1. Extend your arms straight out in front of you, clasp your hands together
  2. Rotate to your arms to your left while pushing your opposite knee slightly right to keep a stretch
  3. Hold and then switch sides

Torso Stretch #2

  1. Cross your left leg over the right
  2. Place your right hand on your knee and rotate yourself left
  3. Hold and repeat with the right leg, rotating to the right


  • Hold stretch for 10 - 30 seconds
  • Repeat 2-3x an hour

Got questions or suggestions? Hit up James on Instagram at @jamesfisherjr or Twitter @KingsAmbitions.

If you're ready to implement a fitness and wellness program into your work place, contact him on social or at

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