GoodFIT: Quick ab twists to help back health and core strength

We're partnering with James Fisher Jr. of Mission Fit Fitness to bring you CW33's GoodFIT. Our goal? To get you moving and feeling good!

Sitting and long hours in office chairs are the bane to healthy posture and back health.

We've shown you how to work those abs with just an office chair. Here's another quick and easy ab exercise you can knock out right at your desk.

We will be releasing a new GoodFIT weekly, so be sure to follow along or sign up for our newsletter.

Office Chair Ab Twist

  1. Move forward in your chair, butt about half way to the edge
  2. Back straight
  3. Extend your arms out straight with one hand over the other
  4. Twist side to side, keeping your hips, legs, and chair still


  • 1 - 1.5 Minutes
  • Every other hour

Got questions or suggestions? Hit up James on Instagram at @jamesfisherjr or Twitter @KingsAmbitions.

If you're ready to implement a fitness and wellness program into your work place, contact him on social or at

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