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Savvy Saver: See an actual money factory, know your heritage, and don’t step on the Legos

In this week’s Savvy Saver we’re bringing you cheap ways to see how the money you want to save and/or get more of is made, why you should be thankful for running water and Legos. Lots of Legos.

So many Legos.

See how the rain is made | Bureau Of Engraving And Printing in Fort Worth

If you’re a Savvy Saver reader, chances are you appreciate the value of a dollar. Or the pain of not having many of them, at least. Here’s your chance to see how the ‘rain’ is made if you’re. in fact, trying to make it rain.

Did you know there was literally a money factory in Fort Worth? Yep, the Bureau Of Engraving And Printing actually prints money. Visitors can see where billions of dollars are printed from an enclosed walkway, which is suspended above the production floor!

Savvy Savings: Maybe they’re trying to be ironic, but tours are free and you do not need reservations. Visit here for more details. If your federal government happens to be shutdown as you read this, just call ahead and make sure they’re open.

Go WAAAY back | Dallas Heritage Village

Tired of all of the screens, notifications, noise, public sanitation and not dying of a preventable disease*? Well, step into the time machine that is Dallas Heritage Village!

Dallas Heritage Village is home to the largest and finest collection of 19th century pioneer and Victorian homes and commercial buildings in Texas. Stroll the grounds and discover what life was like over 100 years ago for ordinary Texans.

Savvy Savings: Admission falls well within Savvy Saver’s cheapskate meter. Adults are $9 and children are $5.

*Don’t worry, Dallas Heritage Village is fully up-to-date on the germ theory of disease and toilets.

Legoland Discovery Center | Grapevine


A giant facility filled with Legos might be every barefoot parent’s nightmare. But the Legoland Discovery Center in Grapevine Mills Mall is well worth the effort to put on shoes.

It’s the ultimate indoor Lego playground with 3 rides, 10 build and play zones, 4D cinema and more!

Savvy Savings: The walk up price of $21.95 is “spit coffee on the screen, ‘are you insane I have 4 kids!?'” level of non-savvy. But, Legoland offers online saver tickets for 27% off at $15.99. They also offer a value annual pass for only $45 that is limited to certain days of the week.

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