Bored? Broke? 👉 Savvy Saver

Maury talks about the dangerous teen trends he sees plus, is a ‘Truth Truck’ visit in store for DFW?

After 21 seasons, Maury Povich has undoubtedly seen some disturbing trends in human behavior - especially with teenagers.

Truth be told, it's not exactly new vices. Sex, drugs, and booze. Maury sees the trend especially rampant in young girls.

He says "[they] are running the streets, they are having sex multiple times, they are doing drugs, they are drinking alcohol and worse than that, they are not going to school"

They think they don't need school, but what they want is unconditional love, which often leads to pregnancy.

Maury isn't just looking to shock and awe with these stories. He wants his show to be a big mirror and help put these kids on a new path.

"I'm not going to say we're successful in every case" he says, "but there are a significant number of kids who change their lives because they see themselves and are humiliated with what they see on television."

Dangerous teen trends aren't the only thing coming out of season 21.

Maury has launched a Truth Truck!

Think food truck, only you food. Just a lie detector test!

Maybe it will even find it's way to Dallas / Fort Worth and help local couples answer some particular questions of each other! 😏

Watch Maury weekdays at 2PM and 4PM on CW33!

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