Think before you ink: NBA tells JR Smith he will be fined for each game played unless he covers tattoo

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For some tattoos are a form of expression and art.

But you might want to check with your employer before you getting something so permanent.

Cleveland Cavaliers guard, JR Smith, got a new tattoo that could cost him big money.

Tattooed on the back of Smith's leg is the symbol for 'Supreme.'

Supreme is a street-wear company that makes some NBA clothing.

But the league has a strict policy against corporate logos on a player's body during a game.

Smith posted on Instagram over the weekend that he was told he would be fined every game if he didn't cover it up.

He claims he isn't being compensated for that tattoo and argues that other players have corporate logos that they don't get fined for.

For instance Carmelo Anthony has the Warner Brothers logo tattooed on his shoulder as a way for him to pay homage to his hometown.

And Marcin Gortat has the Jordan brand "jumpman" logo tattooed on his leg.

But in that instance there is some clarification.

Sports attorney Michael McCann explaining on twitter "Air Jordan is an apparel line produced by Nike, which is an official sponsor of the NBA. Supreme, in contrast, has no sponsorship relationship with the NBA. The NBA is just protecting its sponsorship relationships as required by sponsorship contracts."

But Kassi says "Supreme should pay the fine each time. Its advertising. Its exactly like they would be paying for a court ad."

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