Obesity will overtake smoking as the leading cause of cancer in women, study says

Here's a wake-up for women. Obesity could become the leading cause of cancer in women.

A new study out of the UK estimates that obesity-related cancers will overtake the number of cancers caused by smoking, in just more than 15 years.

Smoking is currently the leading cause of preventable cancer in women in the UK.

But obesity can contribute to risk factors for 13 types of cancer, including breast, bowel, and kidney.

You may think, what does health in the UK have to do with us here in the U.S? As we all know, the U.S. has an obesity epidemic.

While people may be smoking less, our diets have not improved.

So what`s happening in the UK could become a more serious problem here.

We asked Dr Shahan Chowdhury about that.

She says "Factor is that fewer are smoking, but our lives are changing. We're getting heavier, we're more sedate, we're sitting around, we're at our computers - like I am right now - we have stressors, we have abundant accessible, especially in the Western world , abundant accessible food, food that's highly processed, that may itself contain cancer-causing agents."

Dr Chowdhury said it's important to eat a healthy diet with unprocessed food, get restful sleep, be active throughout the day, get proper medications or supplements, manage stress, and oral health.

On the plus side, researchers did note that smoking rates have dropped significantly over recent decades.