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Feel the freeze: reaping the big chill benefits of cryotherapy

DALLAS -- Ancient Egyptians were using cold to treat injuries and inflammation long before Cryotherapy became a thing.

The first Cryotherapy chambers were designed to help alleviate arthritis pain, but now the chilly therapy is being utilized by people from all walks of life.

So how does it work and what are the potential benefits?

Cryotherapy is all about feeling the freeze. The levels inside a chamber range from -147 to -202 degrees Fahrenheit.

At Cryo1one in Dallas, patrons are reaping the big chill benefits that high profile names like Lebron James, Tom Brady and Mark Wahlberg have been utilizing for years

“It cools your outside skin temperature, mixes with the new oxygenated blood and for the next five hours you have that new blood which helps reduce swelling, inflammation, releases endorphins and boosts your metabolism.” says Kelly Carden of Cryo1one.

She says cryo provides similar benefits to a fifteen minute ice bath, but you only stand in the cryochamber for three minutes.

Strip down, or don't. All they require are warm shoes and gloves which they provide.

Carden says “It does cool with nitrogen gas which is safe. It's different than water our skin understands water and air very differently so we can do it very differently with dry air.”

From 10-years-old to 80-years-old, Carden says there are very few restrictions on who can step into the chill.

“Except if you are pregnant, or have had a heart attack or stroke, or have blood clot or vein issues.”

According to the crew at Cryo1one, it's safe to do once a day, every day and for Ali Nugent, she was hooked from the beginning.

She says “my big benefit of cryo was that it helped me sleep and one of the proven benefits is that is helps alleviate insomnia.”

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