Alex Trebek debuts beard on Jeopardy, creates social media firestorm

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NEW YORK, NY-- Jeopardy star Alex Trebek is known for having a smooth voice, and, well, a smooth face.

During the game show`s 35th season premiere on Monday, however, many viewers were shocked to see Trebek sporting a fully grown beard, complete with a mustache and side burns.

The hair-raising image quickly hit the web and sent social media into a frenzy. One viewer wrote on Facebook, "Looks great on him. Alex has always been on point. Flawless at every age!"

"I`m not a fan of facial hair on men, especially beards, but he looks handsome with one," another fan chimed in.

Not everyone, however, was down with the new look.

One disgruntled poster asked, "Awful. Why would anyone want to look 20 years older?"

Trebek`s makeover even provided fodder for late night talk show hosts like Stephen Colbert.

"Look at this," said the late night talk show host during his show Tuesday night. "Look. He`s just sporting a cheap Canadian knockoff of the `Colbeard'."

It does look like beards are making a comeback, because day-time talk show host Steve Harvey is also making headlines for his own separation with the razor.

"This year, man, you know, I said I`m gonna just do something different, man," the funny man told Kevin Frazer on Entertainment Tonight. "I`m gonna stay fly 'till I die."


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