Your insurance company might be ghost following you online!

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DALLAS--  Have you ever been scrolling social media, and thought to yourself... why would someone even post that?

Well, there`s a new reason you should rethink that next status update.

"We tell everybody everything, tell people what restaurant we go to, what bar we go to, the little emojis of how we are feeling, are we happy, are we sad, are we depressed," says healthcare expert, Seth Denson.

Health insurance companies are watching what you do on social media. Denson says, "An underwriter is judged by how well they predict the future, so if you came to me as a potential insured, and I am an underwriter, I need to try and determine how much you are going to cost me over the next 12, 24, 36 months."

Denson says insurance companies are using your social media posts as data to predict risk and set premiums.

"I think it is a scary place to be that health insurance companies are going to use information that may or may not be specific to me, and may not be accurate."

However, Denson says a pro to all of this is, it is helping to stabilize premiums, and maybe a good reminder. "The biggest thing that a consumer can do recognize that nothing is private anymore, and your information is out there and if your information is out there, someone is looking at it."

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