Frisco woman uses plastic bags to make mats for the homeless

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FRISCO -- You know what they say: teamwork makes the dream work!

That's exactly what one woman in Frisco is doing to help the homeless catch a few Z's.

"My husband is my cutter and my connector because he does all the strips. He cuts them and he connects them for me [and] gets them ready for me to crochet," Sharon Weeks explained.

Sharon and a group of women from her church create mats for the homeless so they don't have to sleep on the concrete. But we're not just talking a few bags here and there. It takes 500 plastic bags to make one sleeping mat.

"Since I've actually, physically sat down and do it, it's taken me about 8 hours in the space of about a week," Sharon told NewsFix about creating her first mat.

Turns out, she got the idea from a YouTube video and the rest is woven into history!

"My goal is if we can give a mat out to every homeless person, not only in Texas, but across the nation. That would be my goal," Sharon said.

"I hope that we can save some lives," Sharon's husband, Peter said. "I don't think that a lot of us realize how many homeless people are really out there."

Now, Sharon and her hubby need the public's help to weave the way and is asking for donations before winter hits.

"When they sleep on it, it generates heat and that will just keep their body temperature nice and comfortable rather than freezing," Sharon added.

So after you're done putting groceries away, save those plastic bags! Looks like they can actually be put to good use.

"Anyone that wants to, knows how to crochet that wants to help, I'm looking for help. Anyone who wants to cut and send, I'm looking for that as well," Sharon said.

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