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People react to Roy Oliver’s 15 year sentence in Jordan Edwards’ murder

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DALLAS -- On Wednesday the jury in the Roy Oliver trial decided on a 15 year sentence after Oliver was found guilty of murdering 15-year-old Jordan Edwards.

And although 15 years behind bars may seem like a long time, for Jordan's mother, 15 is not enough, and when asked what she would have been happy with, she had this to say.

"25 to 30 Or more. He actually can see life after 15 years and that's not enough because Jordan can't see life again."

The next generation action network held a press conference on Thursday, calling out Dallas district attorney Faith Johnson for allegedly trying to stop protesting and initially a murder charge.

"Faith Johnson's office went after the activist community trying to denounce protesting every different action by using the Edwards family to denounce it," said NexGen President Dominique Alexander.

"The people of Dallas and Dallas County need to know that when we met with Faith Johnson and the first district attorney, what we saw and what we experienced were cowards. Cowards who were afraid of pursuing a murder charge on their own," said another NexGen representative, Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood.

Despite NexGen's opinion, Johnson says she is proud of her prosecution team

"I also want to really thank my team, Mike Snipes as you know was my lead prosecutor Who put so much time in this case," said Johnson.

As for the sentence, even the Edwards' family attorneys are a little baffled.

"It's obviously mixed feeling, especially as practitioners, to know that someone could kill someone and then be sentenced to 15 years in prison, when we know that there are people who are first time offenders when it comes to drugs or non-violent offenses and they end up in prison for so much more time," said the family's attorney, Jasmine Crockett.

Since the incident took place, the case has caught the attention of many around the country, even around the world.

Making headlines and sparking multiple conversations on the reocurring topic of: was 15 years really enough?

People have also taken to Twitter, speaking out on the jury's sentencing, saying things like, "the fact that the jury found the officer guilty was victory, but the punishment did not fit. 15 years is not enough!"

And, "Roy Oliver could have been sentenced to life in prison but they gave him 15 years. That's how many years Jordan Edwards was on this earth and in both cases, its not enough."

The final part of the trial will continue with victim's impact statement sometime next week.

Oliver's team has already begun the process of appealing the court's verdict.

He will be eligible for parole in seven and a half years.

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