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Doctors are prescribing more recess time for kids

NORTH TEXAS -- It seems like nowadays there's medicine for everything! Whether it be for a constant migraine, stomach ache, or even a cure for having nightmares, you better believe there's a prescription for it.

So, it should come as no surprise that these days doctors are beginning to prescribe children more recess time at school.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, about 60 minutes of recess a day is an important part of developing social and problem solving skills in children. They also pointed out that countries who tend to offer more outdoors playtime usually see greater academic success among students as they get older.

The Academy says doctors should start prescribing more time for outdoors activities since about 51 percent of preschoolers play outside with their parents and 30 percent of kindergartners miss out on recess all together.

Not only do they say this will benefit the children, but it also allows for adults to re-experience the joy of their own childhood.

And here in the DFW area, as a way to get kids to be more active, several schools in Frisco ISD are jump starting a "recess pilot program" that will specifically target expanding physical activity time.

Not only is it good for them, but for many of us, recess was the highlight of our day when we were little tykes! So why not let them indulge a little!?

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